“Kitchen Impossible”: “Damn, miserable!” – Breaking taboos shocks maltster


Updated February 14, 2021, 11:35 pm

  • Tim Mälzer would never have thought that “the loveliest guy who ever took part in ‘Kitchen Impossible’ ‘would shock him.
  • But the VOX show, which started the new season on Sunday, is always good for surprises.
  • Guest chef Lucki Maurer had a very special meanness up his sleeve.

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He thought he was at the end of a “Kitchen Impossible” shooting day and was looking forward to a cozy evening with his “family friend” Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer (40), whom he had chosen as a competitor for the season opener. But suddenly Tim Mälzer’s good friend came around the corner with a nasty surprise that had never been seen before on the VOX show:

Maurer simply declared himself the original chef, whose dish Tim Mälzer (50) was supposed to cook by simply tasting it. In the history of the successful series, no one had ever tried that out.

“I don’t cook your food”, Mälzer was horrified. Not because he didn’t like it, but the STOI in Rattenberg, Lower Bavaria, was a “culinary spa” for Mälzer. Here he wanted to relax, not work.

Bad luck. A moment ago he had raved about what a “good boy” Lucki was, now he felt “as if you were having sex and suddenly the knife came from behind.”  The  show apparently drew everyone “the hide of malice”. © www.de24.news

 The  person abused saw it differently: “He’s my friend, he likes to be here – so why shouldn’t we just keep him here for a few days?”

“Kitchen Impossible” (VOX): Tim Mälzer is “on the wrong side”

Mälzer had to cook “Wagyu to the power of three”, a variety of different parts of Wagyu beef, as bred by Maurer on his organic farm. In addition to a Bohemian dumpling, there were various pieces of meat as well as a tripe goulash, a beef stock gel plate and a mayo with Wagyu fat to taste.

Tim Mälzer (right) wanted to relax in his friend’s yard, but things turned out differently.

© TVNOW / picture alliance / Armin Weigel

According to Maurer, it was “very, very difficult” to guess that one of the pieces was the so-called Teres Major (“butcher’s piece”). Mälzer actually suspected filet here, but when the butcher purposefully reached for the front piece of beef from which he was supposed to choose the right area, he realized that he had thought he was “on the wrong side” and he guessed the right part.

© www.de24.news The  northern lights had a harder time with the flavor of the tripe, which came from the port wine, but which he could not think of. But the final result was important, and Mälzer won over the ten-person jury with an average of 6.2 points. “Without any junk: respect!” Praised Maurer.

“I don’t know what Tim was thinking”

Because of the corona pandemic, they stayed in Germany. Mälzer sent his counterparty to Glücksstadt in Schleswig-Holstein, which for the deeply relaxed Bavaria “felt like a wonderful holiday in a wonderful region”. Tim thought he would get seasick on the water, but he was a passionate fisherman, assured Maurer. © www.de24.news

 The  Bavarian “meat pope” did not believe that he would be served dishes such as Hamburg eel soup or Labskaus with fried eggs and matjes, but that was it.

“I don’t know what Tim was thinking. Thinks that I can’t manage such a mega-simple dish?” He wondered. “Yep. Yes, exactly,” he confirmed in the debriefing.

Indeed, it wasn’t as easy as it looked. As a South German, who could have guessed that the basis for the eel soup stock was smoked ham bones? Because, as Thomas Siade, the head chef at “Kleine Heinrich”, explained: “Eel soup used to be called All-Suup in Low German because everything was done in.” Just because the tourists had always misunderstood the name, they added eel at some point. Despite this trap, Lucki Maurer cooked up a remarkable 6.4 points.

Tim Mälzer frustrated: “What’s broken in your head?”

© www.de24.news

 The n Mälzer went back to Bavaria, more precisely Franconia. Here he was served a “hodgepodge of dots and dots” that tasted highly aromatic, but wasn’t really the kitchen in which the “old-school cook” (bricklayer about maltster) felt at home. “What’s broken in your head? I’m doing fine dining again,” he scolded his opponent on the phone and wondered who the original chef could be.

“Pünktchenküche” is not his: Tim Mälzer in the experimental room of the molecular chef Heiko Antoniewicz

© TVNOW / Endemol Shine

He even came across Heiko Antoniewicz, but because he was from Dortmund, it couldn’t be … or at least: at the Heinersreuther Hof in Ködnitz near Kulmbach, the molecular chef experiments with a wide variety of aroma, temperature and texture mixtures. “Alles von der Zwetschge” is the name of his mini-dish with boiled beef, ice cream and creams, in which plum kernels, rind and even moss are processed. Mälzer did not come across the latter, but was proud that one had to bring out “such guns” “to get into the competition with me”. © www.de24.news The  jury gave 5.2 points, with an overall score of 11.5.

Wrong ingredients, right taste: “Really amazing!”

Last stop: Frankfurt am Main. Or Korea from a culinary point of view. Maurer, who has his problems with spiciness, had to try five Korean delicacies in the Sonamu restaurant that didn’t skimp on chili. Cook Sun-Il Kim observed Maurer’s attempts to cook afterwards with a critical eye and explained to the VOX team what ingredients and methods of preparation were not right.

It felt like pretty much everything except for the way he tied the seaweed into a bow. But it all came down to the end result and that was surprisingly good.

Even the cook’s son, restaurant manager Ho-Seong Kim, was impressed: “Really amazing!” © www.de24.news

 The re were a total of 5.5 points, adding 11.9 to the first. A wafer-thin victory for Lucki Maurer!

Tim Mälzer, who had cursed his buddy in the meantime and even spoke of hate, was the good loser in the end. “Friends for life”, the two promised each other and toasted it.
© 1 & 1 Mail & Media / teleschau

Blood, dirt and poison in the food: With “Kitchen Impossible” Tim Mälzer pushes culinary limits – and sometimes even beyond. © ProSiebenSat.1

Teaserbild: © TVNOW / Endemol Shine

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Kitchen Impossible Damn miserable Breaking taboos shocks maltster


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