Klingbeil attacks Spahn: “Can’t believe the announcements”


Updated February 22, 2021, 12:50 p.m.

  • Lars Klingbeil etches against Jens Spahn.
  •  The  SPD general secretary doubts the promise of the CDU health minister that free corona tests will be available for all citizens of Germany from March 1st.
  • FDP leader Christian Lindner also intervenes.

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Will there be free corona tests for all citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany from March 1st? Health Minister Jens Spahn announced this. But the SPD doubts the CDU politician’s promise.

“I really wish that Jens Spahn’s announcement, that everyone can be tested free of charge,” said Secretary General Lars Klingbeil said on Sunday evening in the talk show “© www.de24.news

 The  right questions” on “Bild live”. But “during the vaccination we noticed that we couldn’t believe Jens Spahn’s announcements”.

Klingbeil and Lindner disappointed by the Corona government

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 The re is now more and more corrections and corrections,” explained Klingbeil. “I’m a bit scared of us (during testing, editor’s note) create the next disappointment. “Because there are many questions that Jens Spahn has not answered until today.

FDP boss Christian Lindner rated the test program similarly critical: “We missed the first chance to change our vaccination strategy and are now in the process of stumbling over the second big chance with quick and self-tests.”

Lindner added: “We have seen so many announcements, so many disappointments, numbers are mentioned, numbers are corrected. I only believe things when I really see them.”

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Merkel and ministers are discussing rapid tests

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 The  so-called Corona Cabinet, a special committee made up of Chancellor Angela Merkel and a few ministers, will, among other things, deal with the rapid tests for everyone on Monday. Spahn had announced that from March 1, all citizens can be tested for the corona virus by trained staff free of charge.

This should be possible in test centers, practices or pharmacies. However, details of the implementation are not yet known. A corresponding adjustment of the corona test regulation has yet to be decided. (dpa / msc)

Great Britain presses the tube in the fight against the corona virus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to offer every adult a vaccination by the end of June. (Teaser picture: dpa)

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Klingbeil attacks Spahn announcements


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