Knossi: Will he be fired by Stefan Raab? Quota drama for RTL late night show


Knossi has recently been shown on television with his own RTL show. Is that threatened now?  The  time slot for the Twitch streamer is already being postponed.

  • Since January 2021 is Knossi Moderator of his own TV-Show at RTL – He received this from Stefan Raab (Alle Knossi News).
  • Now the ratings are breaking RTL-Show of the Twitch streamer – he gets negative feedback from the community.
  • Freshly roasted every day“Now receives one Horror slot – Knossi will be available at later times in the TV be visible.

Update from February 17, 2021: For the RTL-Late-Night-Show from Knossi it doesn’t look good. © The  Audience ratings of “Freshly roasted every day” break in. Had the broadcast two weeks ago 0.78 million spectator the number has now dropped to 0.5 million viewers. RTL reacted promptly and changed it Airtime des Moderators Jens Knossalla. However, he has Twitch-Streamer out Baden-Baden a big disadvantage. On Tuesday he had with “©

 The  Masked Singer“Competition from the house Pro7. Even the entertainer Knossi cannot do anything. Whether the format has a future remains to be seen, but the numbers are currently not a good picture. Presumably, the next four broadcasts will determine the show. When does the producer move Stefan Raab finally the ripcord?

“For planning reasons”, as it was stated in a statement from TV Now, the late-night format “Freshly roasted daily” will be available on TV Now for a few times from next week, not on Mondays, but on Fridays from 8:15 pm . This will be the case for the first time on February 26th. ©

 The  broadcast on Wednesday will continue as usual. This also means a change for the linear broadcasting on RTL: Knossi then reports in the format produced by raabTV every Thursday and Saturday and for the first time on February 27th.

Baden-Baden, Germany – Had for years Knossi the big dream of his own Late-Night-Show im TV respectively. This wish became the Streamer now fulfilled by Stefan Raab, but not everything seems rosy. After just a few broadcasts, the odds of the RTL-Show huge – now must Knossi to others Broadcast times dodge.

Full name Jens Heinz Richard Knossalla
Known as ‘Knossi’ & ‘©

 The  King’

birthday July 7, 1986
place of birth Malsch
Followers on Instagram 1.3 million (as of January 29, 2021)
Followers on Twitch 1.5 million (as of January 29, 2021)

Knossi: Quotas for the RTL show are falling steadily – the Twitch streamer is being criticized


 The  Knossi show has only recently been running on RTL as planned. Stefan Raab’s production could become a complete failure and that Streamer threatens a dismissal. ©

 The  latest episode of “TFreshly roasted daily“Had just 540,000 viewers, which is around half of the first edition. A rapid descent when you say thank you for the fact Show for less than a month RTL you can see.


 The  new TV show by Knossi has also been criticized immeasurably by viewers and loyal fans. Many believe that the Streamer out Baden-Baden supposed to change too much and not the same as on Twitch is. For this reason, there is also quite a bit of hail in the YouTube comments criticism: „Classic late-night entertainment from the day before yesterday“Or”Raab for the poor“. However, one must not forget that the Late-Night-Show is the first permanent moderation of the 34-year-old and he has not had much experience in TV could collect.

Knossi: RTL show from Twitch streamer experiences low blow – new airtime could mean the end

After the bitter news for Knossi that the viewership of his show was at RTL have decreased significantly, now comes the next setback. RTL decided to do the Broadcast times from Knossi to move back drastically – the program will now not only run at a later time, but also on a different day. Instead of Tuesday, fans can look forward to a new show on Saturday. ©

 The  next broadcast dates for “Freshly Roasted Every Day” look like this:

  • Tuesday, February 16, 2021: 11:15 pm -12: 00 am
  • Thursday February 18, 2021: 11:15 pm – midnight
  • Thursday, February 25, 2021: 11:15 pm – midnight
  • Sunday, February 28, 2021: 12:05 am – 12:55 am
  • Thursday, March 4th, 2021: 11:15 pm – midnight
  • Sunday, March 7th, 2021: 12:05 am – 12:55 am

On the broadcast dates RTLNow the broadcaster has not yet commented. However, we can assume that the usual rhythm will be maintained and that the current episode will be available on the network a day later. ©

 The  falling audience figures may have played a major role, because there have been between RTL and ProSieben one Sendzoff. ©

 The  new season of “Masked Singer“Should be the decision of RTL have been in debt. This now has the consequence that “Freshly roasted every day“Will no longer be broadcast on Tuesday nights.

Knossi: Mishap at RTL – is the Twitch streamer now losing his show?

© dpa / Bernd Thissen / Instagram: @knossi (assembly)

Also the new season of Late-Night-Show von Klaas Heufer-Umlauf could play a decisive role in the Slot Poker have played. Its new season of “Late Night Berlin“Is no longer shown on Monday, but on Tuesday – it was actually running at that time Knossis Show at RTL. A Broadcaster from RTL made it clear, however, that the postponement would only be an exception that “a few times“Will apply. “For planning reasons©

 The  final decision is said to have been made.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Bernd Thissen / Instagram: @knossi (Montage)

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Knossi fired Stefan Raab Quota drama RTL late night show


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