Kostelic attacks the ski stars: “Speak now or never” – Ski World Cup 2021

Kostelic attacks the ski stars:

Former ski star Ivica Kostelic was outraged. © AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI

Ivica Kostelic is one of the greats in skiing history. He has now raised his voice on social media – and waged against the current ski stars.

© www.de24.news The  reason for Kostelic’s anger posting was a spontaneous rule change by the FIS. One day before the men’s slalom, the World Ski Federation decided that in the second round, not the top 30, but the top 15 start first. After the best 15, it continued with the 16th of the first round, after which it was continued in ascending order to the last. © www.de24.news The  reason for this rule change was the warm temperatures in Cortina d’Ampezzo and the concern that the slope will deteriorate dramatically.

© www.de24.news

 The  former slalom world champion, who resigned in 2017, was outraged by this rule change. For him it is a violation of fairness. “Where are you now, you ‘freedom fighters’ who work for fairness? Why don’t you get up and go against the interests of the flock? You who swear by fairness. “

“We’re looking for champions here – are there any of you?”
Ivica Kostelic

According to Kostelic, the price of this rule change must be paid by the young runners who are deprived of an opportunity to show themselves. “Where are you, you top slalom riders? Are you afraid to speak up in the face of undeniable injustice? With your silence you support this injustice, for which the young skiers in particular have to atone, whose chance of a fair competition is gone. “

And further: “We’re looking for champions here – are there any among you? A victory that is not achieved fairly and honorably is worthless. And never forget: the greatest evils are based on the violence of the few and the silence of the many. Talk now – or never again, when it comes to fairness. ”Under this post, Kostilic highlighted numerous stars such as Marco Schwarz, Henrik Kristoffersen, Sebastian-Foss Solevåg or Alexis Pinturault. However, one looks in vain for a reaction from these aces.

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Kostelic attacks ski stars Speak Ski World Cup


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