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State Parliament President André Kuper warned: “Against the background of German history, we are all responsible for ensuring that Jewish life with its symbols, signs and joie de vivre is normal in our country – without fear of anti-Semitic hostility and attacks.”

 The  jubilee relates to the year 321. At that time, the Roman Emperor Constantine issued a decree that enabled Jews to be appointed to offices in the curia and city administration. ©

 The  document is considered to be the oldest evidence of Jewish life in what is now Germany.


 The  Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Abraham Lehrer, accepted the special stamp for the association “321-2021: 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany”. He appealed to citizens to use the brand to draw attention to the festival year.


 The  general secretary of the association, North Rhine-Westphalia’s former school minister Sylvia Löhrmann, asked: “Send the smallest advertising poster all over the world and contribute to the success of the festival year 2021-1700 years of Jewish life in Germany!” ©

 The  Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life, Felix Klein, described the stamp as “one of the many building blocks that contribute to making Jewish life in Germany more visible”.

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Landtag special postage stamp years Jewish life Germany NRW


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