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CDU boss Armin Laschet spoke to the musician about his Corona app “Luca” after Smudo’s (52) appearance at the BILD talk “ The  right questions”.


 The  member of the band “Die Fantastischen Vier” presented his contact tracking app in the broadcast on BILD Live on Sunday.

“This ingeniously simple solution for the registration problems of event organizers and restaurateurs has been developed by friends from the IT industry,” said frontman Smudo in November 2020 when the app was first presented.

Mainly for one reason, Laschet sought contact with Smudo, said the CDU chief. “©

 The  next step is: use all technical possibilities. I phoned Smudo this morning, who with this ‘Luca’ app together with the Hasso Plattner Institute has developed something that is already being used in many cities in Germany. ”
▶ ︎ With the app, a QR code is used on a data-based level instead of “using a chain of paper to secure chains of infection in restaurants. ©

 The  whole thing is also connected to the SORMAS system (epidemic management system) in the health authorities. ©

 The  health authorities also appreciate that very much, ”said Laschet.

▶︎ Laschet continues: “I would like these technological possibilities that have been presented to have an influence on the deliberations at the Prime Minister’s Conference next week.”

▶ ︎ North Rhine-Westphalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Joachim Stamp (50, FDP) added that the app could succeed in “producing sufficient quantities of personalized tests, then of course completely new opening steps are possible”.

About the concept of the app, Patrick Hennig (32), head of the start-up company “neXenio” (Hasso Plattner Institute), which co-developed the app, said: “©

 The  user checks in with a QR code that changes every ten seconds Nursing home, in the concert hall or in the pub, the data is encrypted and sent to the health department. ”

Laschet to Corona in NRW

On the subject of Corona, Armin Laschet said that “it was always clear that there is a mutated virus whose effects we do not know”.

▶︎ ©

 The  order of the day is to remain cautious and at the same time lead debates about how perspectives for culture, for the economy, for business life and for the self-employed can be opened up.”


 The  principle is important: “At the moment, openings are only possible to absorb severe damage. That was the argument in favor of opening the schools and daycare centers on Monday yesterday, ”Laschet continued.

“We need new ways of dealing with the pandemic”

Laschet called for a focus on three central “building blocks” with regard to the fight against the corona pandemic.

▶ ︎ Comprehensive use of rapid tests – the financing has already been clarified, and the federal government would take over, according to Laschet.

▶ ︎ More work with contact tracking apps, such as the Luca app from Smudo.

▶ ︎ Vaccinations should go on quickly and continuously. In NRW, however, a “protective wall for the vulnerable people” had already been built, said Laschet. In his federal state, large parts of the first priority group are already vaccinated.

And: “We have received information that at AstraZeneca, instead of 10, 11, sometimes even 12 cans can be removed without hesitation. And that is possibly also the reason why we at AstraZeneca are in second place among vaccinations in Germany, ”said Laschet, referring to the AstraZeneca vaccination, which is only slightly inoculated in some federal states.

On March 3rd, opening strategies of the federal states will also be discussed at the Prime Minister’s Conference.

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Laschet talks Smudo Corona app appearing BILD Domestic policy


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