LASK attacks former “Friends of LASK”

LASK attacks former

In a strange-looking broadcast on Monday evening, LASK responded to rumors that three of the four distant “friends of LASK” would like to file a lawsuit against the call option.

“I want my peace”

In the broadcast with the title “I want my peace”, which according to the LASK refers to a quote from Manfred Zauner, it says: “ The  friends of LASK see themselves forced Manfred Zauner (ZAUNERGROUP), Michael Lachinger (RFL Lachinger) and To publicly call on Thomas Kern (flattec) to end their media campaign against LASK “because” contrary to what is publicly quoted, the group around ex-Vice-President Manfred Zauner obviously does not want to have any peace and quiet, but leaves a PR agency and lawyer Mag. Peter Vogl distribute a lawsuit from the law firm Dr. Breitwieser named above to various media representatives, which LASK has not even received. “

“President Dr. Siegmund Gruber would have taken sole control of the LASK through call options. ©

 The  Friends of LASK would like to disagree with this.”
– LASK broadcast

Accordingly, the plaintiffs should, among other things, raise the accusation that “President Dr. Siegmund Gruber would have taken sole control of the LASK through call options. ©

 The  friends of the LASK would like to contradict this decisively.”

“Individual can never take control of the LASK”


 The  broadcast goes on to say: “©

 The  task of this current LASK system is that no single person can ever take control of the LASK. As an Upper Austrian cultural asset, the LASK should have the best chance of surviving forever – without being able to be sold or taken over . ”

According to the broadcast, the lawsuit will be directed against LASK as an association. ©

 The refore, Dr. Johannes Lehner decided to “accept this himself as a lawyer and for this reason resign from the office of Vice President”.

Lehner: “©

 The re should be no conflict of interest. I want to serve LASK in the best possible way and most of all I can currently contribute as a lawyer. We will all rebut the baseless allegations and then carefully examine what damage the club has suffered. “

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LASK attacks Friends LASK


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