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Hamburg – Numerous opponents of the Corona measures demonstrated against the restriction of fundamental rights with a car parade on Saturday.

Huge hype around the Outer Alster on Saturday afternoon. With around 220 vehicles, a group of so-called “lateral thinkers” blocked parts of downtown Hamburg.

Black hooded cyclists keep trying to stop the demonstration

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa

Clearly read on the cars: slogans such as “breathe freely – think freely” or “basic rights instead of vaccination rights”.

Teaser picture

With slogans like “We fight for our employees” or “Breathe freely – think freely”, numerous “lateral thinkers” protest in downtown Hamburg

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa

“You too are dying of the virus”

Again and again, counter-demonstrators dressed in black with the motto “You too are dying of the virus” disrupted the demonstration with their bicycles, so that the police had to take action several times. At least one of the approximately 70 cyclists was subsequently arrested for bodily harm and dangerous interference with road traffic. According to initial information, the grouping belonged to the left scene.

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Lateral thinkers start motorcade demo chaos city Regional


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