Lawsuit filed against Sony over drift problems with the DualSense controller


As early as February 9th, Kotaku had reported increasing complaints from PS5 owners whose DualSense controllers suddenly had defects in the form of drifting analog sticks. A problem that was also observed more and more often with the Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch and even called the EU consumer protection organization BEUC on the scene in January (we reported).
A lawsuit was also filed against Sony in New York with regard to controller deficiencies, as Gamespot reports.  The  law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith even accuses the console manufacturer of having known the problems for a long time and of not taking sufficient action against them.

In addition, customers who send in their defective controllers for repair would have to endure very long waiting times and have to pay the shipping costs. ©

 The re is even a call for a recall with compensation payments. ©

 The  law firm had already sued Nintendo because of the controller defects mentioned above. This case is currently still in arbitration.

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 The se games will be released exclusively in 2021

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Lawsuit filed Sony drift problems DualSense controller


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