Leni Klum is dating a tsar’s descendants


On Valentine’s Day, Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni appeared on Instagram for the first time together with her boyfriend, Aris Rachevsky. Already in her Vogue-Interview, which the 16-year-old had with her mom at the end of last year, Leni revealed that she is with Aris. She would date a boy from the neighborhood, the young model had said at the time. Not much was known about the young man so far. But like that Colorful reports, Leni’s friend comes from a particularly good family:  The  teenager is said to come from a Russian tsarist family.

Leni Klum’s friend is a descendant of a tsar

Rhea Rachevsky, the mother of Leni Klum’s friend, works as an artist agent in Hollywood and is supposed to maintain good contacts with high society in the film factory. His dad Spiros Poros is a well-known photographer who has shot with many celebrities – including Jennifer Lopez and Keira Knightley.

Aris’ parents have one thing in common with Heidi Klum (47) and Leni’s stepdad Tom Kaulitz (31): © www.de24.news

 The y are also separated by a considerable age difference. While Rhea Rachevsky is 55, Aris’ father is six years younger.

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Leni Klum dating tsars descendants


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