Letter bomb at Lidl and ADM Wild: Suspect in custody


After three attacks with explosive mail on food companies in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, a 66-year-old suspect is in custody.  The  public prosecutor’s office in Heidelberg and the State Criminal Police Office in Baden-Württemberg jointly announced this.
© www.de24.news The  arrest of the man had already been ordered on Friday evening. Special police forces arrested the pensioner at his home. © www.de24.news The  man from the Ulm area, who was previously unknown to the police, did not offer any resistance, it said.
Initially, the suspect did not provide any information about the allegations made against him. In particular, the investigations into the shipping route and the type of explosives packages had brought the special commission on Friday on the track of the man, it said in the message.

In the past few days, mail had exploded in the Wild factories in Eppelheim (Rhein-Neckar district) and at the headquarters of the Lidl supermarket chain in Neckarsulm (Heilbronn district). In Bavaria, the police last intercepted an explosive piece of mail addressed to the baby food manufacturer Hipp.

© www.de24.news The  investigations after the explosions were carried out with great personnel expenditure. A special commission with 100 investigators is investigating the cases and dealing with similar previous acts.

DHL distribution center cleared due to suspicious parcel

On Saturday morning, emergency services cleared a branch of the logistics company DHL near Heidelberg. According to media reports, a suspicious package was said to have gone up in flames, but there has not yet been any confirmation.

It is so far unclear whether the incident in Leimen is possibly related to the three explosive mail items most recently sent to food companies in southern Germany. © www.de24.news The  package was noticed and stopped at around ten o’clock in the morning, the police said.
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Letter bomb Lidl ADM Wild Suspect custody


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