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(Extract from the press release)

February 18, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan – LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of aluminum enclosures and PC accessories, is hosting its second online event, LIAN LI 2021 DIGITAL EXPO, which will take place on February 18, 9:00 a.m. EST on YouTube (https : // premiere.

© The  2021 DIGITAL EXPO is packed with information about upcoming products, with new editions of the O11D MINI and UNIFAN fans and an exclusive first look at four prototypes.

Every prototype is scrutinized by Youtubers who are experts in case reviews.



 The  Q58, a 14.3 l case with a small form factor, is equipped with split, hinged panels made of tempered glass and aluminum grille as well as a two-tone, solid aluminum front panel. Thanks to an adjustable motherboard carrier that can be moved for more free space, and thanks to support for MINI-ITX, 320 mm long GPUs and fans up to 280 mm, the Q58 offers a variety of configurations with SFX or ATX power supplies.

Lian Li Q58



 The  A4-H2O, a collaboration with DAN Cases from Germany, is an SFF housing with only 10.4 l. Inspired by the original A4-SFX, the all-aluminum case A4-H2O offers a sophisticated look and a slim design. Compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards and SFX or SFX-L power supplies, the A4-H2O offers space for every GPU with a length of up to 315 mm and a thickness of 2.7 slots as well as for every 240 AIO with a CPU cooler gap of 56 mm. ©

 The  grilles on the upper, right and left side of the A4-H2O provide ample air circulation for good heat management. In addition, the A4-H20 offers a lot of storage space with holders for 2 SSDs behind the front panel.

Lian Li A4-H2O


As a redesign of the original V3000, the V3000 +, a modernized aluminum tower housing, is specially designed for water cooling, airflow, modularity, storage and compatibility with high-performance components. With support for up to three 480mm fans plus one 360mm fan, sixteen 120mm fans, two systems, two power supplies, and a horizontal or vertical GPU up to 420mm in length, the V3000 + is the ultimate case for the most powerful Systems. ©

 The  V3000 + has space for up to 16 HDDs or 19 SSDs for a high-performance storage server. ©

 The  V3000 + offers a tempered glass pane on the left side, grilles on the top and the covers, a solid front and right side wall and RGB accents around the front panel that can be controlled with a magnetically attached remote control.

Lian Li V3000+



 The  O11D EVO was developed as an airflow-optimized O11 Dynamic and offers the functions of the O11D XL on the footprint of the O11 Dynamic. ©

 The  two aluminum panels on the top and right side have a newly designed grille that serves as a dust filter and at the same time offers an incomparable flow of air. ©

 The  aluminum strip on the front of the case is a hinged cover for the case control buttons and an optional SDD case for two 2.5 inch SSDs or HDDs. As far as compatibility is concerned, the O11D EVO supports motherboards from E-ATX to MINI ITX, GPUs up to a length of 445 mm and power supplies up to 200 mm. Users now have the option to place their GPU in an upright position next to the motherboard. Three modular brackets are included for radiators, fans and storage support, which can be arranged for either 280/360 radiators / fans or 2.5 / 3.5 inch SSDs / HDDs.

Lian Li O11D EVO

Product news

LIAN LI will also feature updates to its award-winning products that will be launched in the coming months. ©

 The  O11D MINI is getting a snow edition with a completely white interior and exterior. ©

 The  black accents of the previous white version are removed here. SFX power supplies are supplied together with the O11D MINI in the editions SP750 and SP850. In addition, the second generation of the innovative, interconnected fan series UNI FAN AL120 and AL140 will be presented, as well as an update from L-Connect with more software options and the ability to control all LIAN LI RGB devices.

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LIAN presents prototypes Digital Expo hardware


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