Lidl: Serious mistake makes many customers angry – “We apologize sincerely”


Lidl made a mistake with a product that could have consequences. And that annoys many. But the discounter also gets praise.

  • Lidl has declared mini donuts as vegan – but they weren’t.
  •  The  discounter apologizes publicly.
  • Many customers are angry, others are indulgent towards the supermarket.

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 The re are various reasons for a vegan diet – conviction and health reasons are only two of them. Of course, you always have to look at the labeling of the products: if they are declared vegan, nothing stands in the way of enjoyment. Actually. But Lidl has now made a mistake that makes many vegans sour inside.

Lidl: Mini donuts that are declared vegan are not vegan

Lidl has admitted in several places on social media: ©

 The  “Bake Off Mini-Donuts” declared as vegan are not vegan. In a circulating, authentic-looking screenshot from a closed Facebook group, it says that the donuts are made with whey and are vegetarian and not vegan, according to the discounter. Various other official Lidl reactions do not contain the whey reference, but are publicly available and confirm the breakdown.

It says, for example: “We would like to sincerely apologize to you for the incorrect labeling of the Bake Off Mini-Donuts. This error happened to us through a recipe change, which was not communicated transparently, but this does not justify the incident. Such a thing should of course not happen and under no circumstances should happen again. Unfortunately, the recipe change cannot be reversed at short notice. We can really understand that you are angry and that you are questioning the trust you have placed in us. We understand the impact such a mistake can have on many of you. “


 The  angry reactions pile up. “I wonder how something like that can happen”, “I think that’s pretty stupid”, “I really enjoyed shopping at Lidl. But such a breakdown doesn’t work ”are just a few of them. ©

 The  breakdown has serious consequences not only for vegans – but also for people who are lactose intolerant, as one user explains: “Have not eaten anything with lactose for 15 years, then you notice it.”

Lidl: Many customers are angry – others are forgiving

Lidl also apologizes under another Facebook post: “We are aware of the effects this can have on you and your health and can therefore understand your anger very well. That is why we do our best to prevent this type of error from occurring again, and we have already taken measures for this. All branches were informed that the signs should be replaced accordingly. Furthermore, the allergen and additive information is currently being revised so that the ingredients of our products are clearly visible and correct. ”

Lidl also refers to an upcoming campaign and hopes to win back the vegans: “From April you will find cheese and milk alternatives in the range throughout Germany. We hope you are happy about it and continue to place your trust in us. “

In addition to a lot of understandable anger, Lidl also gets leniency. And praise for the quick response. “Respect! Great open communication. ”And the following post gets dozens of likes:“ I think it’s great that a mistake is openly and honestly admitted and apologized. As the saying goes: if you don’t do anything, you don’t do wrong. ”A shelf breakdown at Lidl is much more harmless and from the“ curious ”department. (lin)

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Lidl mistake customers angry apologize sincerely


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