Liverpool FC: bankruptcy of the century! Klopp drama continues – new coach job in prospect?

 Liverpool FC: bankruptcy of the century!  Klopp drama continues - new coach job in prospect?

Liverpool FC is currently historically bad – does that have unpleasant consequences for Jürgen Klopp? In any case, a new coaching position would be offered.

Liverpool – Oh dear, Kloppo! It just doesn’t want to work at Liverpool anymore.  The  Reds, who had so dominated last season in the Premier League, are currently staggering tremendously. Sixth place! Four league bankruptcies in a row! And now? Derby defeat against Everton FC! © The  messed up Saturday afternoon currently fits into the picture drawn by Jürgen Klopp’s team.

“We’re here, we lost the derby 2-0. We all know how important the game is and that hits us hard, ”said Klopp after the defeat. Liverpool legend Graeme Souness practiced Sky Sports harsh criticism. “It’s just a shadow of the Liverpool team for the past three years. Now everyone wants to play against them because they are an easy target. It hurts to say something like that. “

Liverpool FC lose derby against Everton – Will Klopp even lose the Champions League qualification?

In fact, Klopp’s team, which won the championship by 18 points last year, is no longer recognizable this season. As sixth in the table, Liverpool even threatens to gamble away qualifying for the Champions League. ©

 The  2-0 draw against Everton had historic moves. It was the first home bankruptcy against the Toffees since 1999. Liverpool lost four home games in a row almost 100 years ago in December 1923. And the last time an English football champion loses at home four times in a row was in the 1928/29 season. Everton of all people – they called it “catastrophic milestones” Telegraph.

It goes without saying that slight doubts about Klopp arise now at the latest. Of course, the Reds are hit hard by the bad luck with injuries, against Everton also emergency central defender Jordan Henderson had to go out early with thigh problems. But maybe the Liverpool game has been deciphered, the stars sucked out because of the exhausting style of play. Does that mean Klopp has to take his hat off soon?

Jürgen Klopp: Farewell to Liverpool FC? Difficult times for successful coaches

Recently rumors were wafting across from the island to Germany – maybe the Liverpool success coach is even thinking of a commitment at Bayern? ©

 The  contract with the Premier League champion runs until 2024, Klopp repeatedly emphasized that he was not even thinking of leaving early. If he missed the Champions League qualification in summer, he would probably no longer be able to choose – Henkelpott 2019, championship title 2020 or not.

But what then? ©

 The  German soccer fan would have an idea: of course the national team! Jürgen Klopp is considered the national coach of choice for the nation, Joachim Löw could well be over after the European Championship. After all, the 2014 world champion has been extremely under attack since the Spain disgrace.

Klopp will be 54 years old this summer – maybe his time at the DFB has come? In the fall he said to that kicker on a possible engagement as a national coach: “Maybe in the future. Now? No. I don’t have time, I have a job – quite an intensive one, by the way. ”

You definitely don’t want to wish Jürgen Klopp, but what happens in the event of an early exit from Liverpool? Maybe the “future” and the “maybe” are suddenly much closer than expected. ©

 The  English bookmakers are currently putting Klopp in fourth place when it comes to the most likely coach dismissals in the Premier League. (akl / dpa)

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Liverpool bankruptcy century Klopp drama continues coach job prospect


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