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Lockdown until early March? What Merkel speaks about before meeting with Prime Minister


Opening steps only carefully and gradually

Corona fatigue is just as rampant in Germany as the corona virus itself.

 The  whole of Germany is longing for easing, especially because the number of infections has dropped dramatically in recent weeks. Before the meeting of the prime ministers with Chancellor Merkel, however, this slows down the euphoria. She fears that the corona mutations will spread further and that the number of infections will rise rapidly if it is loosened too quickly.

An extension of the previous lockdown to (at least) March 1 currently seems very likely, as can be seen from the preliminary working papers that RTL has also received. Accordingly, the previously applicable contact restrictions should also be retained in the next few weeks. According to this paper, opening steps should only be carried out carefully and gradually with a view to the mutation.

Merkel: “Hairdressers are right at the top”

According to RTL information, Merkel is currently campaigning in the parliamentary group for schools and hairdressers to be allowed to open first. “Hairdressers are right at the top,” she is said to have said.

“We should wait until March 1, 2021 with any opening step,” Merkel continued. ©

 The  aim is not to have to counteract opening steps with closing steps in a few weeks “.

Merkel also commented on the opening of other businesses. “We can’t let the business go on forever and have to come down with the numbers. For that, it’s important that we reach the 50s incidence.” That seems possible to her around March 1st.

TVNOW documentaries: Corona and the consequences


 The  corona virus has kept the world in suspense for months. On TVNOW you will now find exciting documentation on the development, spread and consequences of the pandemic.

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Lockdown early March Merkel speaks meeting Prime Minister


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