Lockdown: Viennese bar opens as a pharmacy


Barkeeper Kaiser is a trained pharmacist.
©Niko Mautner Markhof

Tests instead of drinks: bartender and pharmacist Heinz Kaiser is converting his “Dino’s Apothecary” bar on Salzgries into a pharmacy and testing for the coronavirus free of charge.

In the middle of lockdown, a bar opens in Vienna on Monday. However, until Easter the motto in “Dino’s Apothecary” at Salzgries in the city center is “Testing instead of drinks”. © www.de24.news The  traditional restaurant of the multi-award-winning barkeeper and pharmacist Heinz Kaiser lives up to its name, as it was called in a broadcast on Sunday.

Free Corona-Tests

© www.de24.news The  clear line of the Ministry of Health and the timely prospects for the catering industry make it easy for me to decide to open the bar now,” emphasized Kaiser. “It is not for nothing, in contrast to many members of the federal government, that I studied pharmacy for 14 years in order to know how we can make our guests happy even in the gastro-permanent lockdown.”

Kaiser, who runs a pharmacy in his day-to-day business, is not initially using his knowledge for cocktail creations, but for Covid-19 tests. © www.de24.news The y are available free of charge with an e-card and official ID (prior registration not necessary, but recommended). Customers can look forward to a legal detour to a bar, even if they have to wait for drinks in this ambience.

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Lockdown Viennese bar opens pharmacy


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