London: Boris Johnson wants to lift all corona measures by the end of June



Corona measures should be over in Great Britain by the end of June. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this at a media conference on Monday.

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Boris Johnson presented the UK’s exit strategy on Monday.

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     The  British government wants to lift all corona restrictions in England by June 21.

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     The  first easing step is to take place on March 8th.

  • After that, further steps should come every few weeks.


 The  UK government plans to lift all restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic in England by June 21. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday when he presented his lockdown schedule in the British House of Commons in London.


 The  lockdown is to be lifted in several steps every five weeks. ©

 The  prerequisite, however, is that the positive trends in the reduction of the number of infections and the vaccination campaign can continue and that no new virus variant changes the situation. ©

 The  decisive factor is not the scheduled times, but the data from the pandemic, said Johnson.


 The  prime minister said that the way out of lockdown would be carefully but irrevocably taken. This is thanks to the determination of the British and the success of the vaccination campaign.

First step on March 8th

All schools in the largest part of the UK are to be reopened on March 8th. ©

 The  regions of Scotland and Wales, on the other hand, are relying on the gradual opening of schools, which began this week. Social contacts are also to be allowed more than before in England from the second week of March. For example, home residents can receive visitors again.


 The  next step is to take place on March 29th. Up to six people or two households can then meet again outdoors. Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis or golf courses are also allowed to reopen.

From April 12th shops, museums and libraries should be allowed to receive visitors again. Pubs and restaurants should then also reopen, if only for operation in outdoor areas.

Football fans back in the stadiums in May

Going to the cinema and staying in a hotel should be possible again on May 17th at the earliest, as well as indoor club sports. Up to 30 people can meet again for weddings or other important events. International travel could possibly be allowed again. Up to 10,000 people could come together in football stadiums, for example.


 The  number of infections in the UK has fallen dramatically in the past few weeks. At the same time, more than 17.5 million people in the country have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus with a first dose.

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London Boris Johnson lift corona measures June


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