Love fraud: crooks collected 115,000 euros


 The  66-year-old from the Gmunden district allowed an alleged “Dutch woman” to fool him into having great love and, according to the police, transferred a total of 115,000 euros in 33 tranches.

© The  pensioner filed a complaint last Thursday. © The  money flowed into nine different accounts abroad. © The  chances of ever getting the amounts back are slim, because these are usually gangs that are abroad. © The  police did not want to give more details for reasons of victim protection.

© The  case is strongly reminiscent of the one that became known in the Steyr-Land district at the end of January. A 50-year-old had online contacts with an alleged French woman who wrote him love vows and also told him that she wanted to move to Austria. But unfortunately she has “financial difficulties”. © The  50-year-old made 31 transfers – a total of more than 30,000 euros. German money laundering investigators got the case rolling when they came across the Upper Austrian’s accounts and transfers.

New scam in Vienna

© The  Viennese police have reported on a completely new scam. © The  perpetrators, who operate under the name “Sara”, buy computers and TV sets on online platforms such as and pay the purchase price of exactly 1560 euros.

  • Video: New scam: victim becomes perpetrator

For the transfer, “Sara” asks the seller to provide the account details. At the same time, the fraudsters are offering rental apartments online that do not even exist in reality. © The  deposit – exactly 1560 euros – must then be transferred to the account of the willhaben seller. For “quick processing without a purpose”, as the perpetrators request.

© The  fraudsters then collect the goods from the online seller, and the prospective tenants lose the deposit for a non-existent apartment. © The  police advise viewing rental properties before paying and not making unsolicited transfers.



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Love fraud crooks collected euros


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