Love Island: Looking forward to THIS TV beauty – she distributed roses


“Love Island” (RTL2): Viewers can look forward to THIS TV beauty – she has already distributed roses

With Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Damilia shows secret insights into the single villa.
Photo: RTLZWEI / Magdalena Possert

Phew, the anticipation is already reaching absolute maximum temperature …

In a few weeks the time will finally come, “Love Island“Goes on RTL2 into the fifth season. Once again, sexy singles will move into a dream villa on Tenerife to find the love of their lives, or at least to experience the hottest days of the young year. It is already known that Jana Ina Zarrella (44) will be leading through the dome show again.

But now it is also clear who, in addition to Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29), will be the highlights of “Love Island – Aftersun: © The  talk afterwards “leads and provides insights into the love villa: Nobody less than Melissa Damilia (25)! And THAT is really no stranger.

“Love Island” (RTL2): Viewers can look forward to TV beauty

It is clear that she will know what she is talking about, because: Melissa Damilia took part in “Love Island” herself in 2019 and knows the dating show with all its positive and negative sides inside and out. Added to this is her experience in distributing roses – that’s right, Melissa was also a “Bachelorette” in 2020.

© The  new presenter replaces Cathy Hummels (33). Melissa Damilia told RTL2: “It’s like coming home and I’m very happy to be part of ‘Love Island’ again.” And further: “I’m really excited to follow the Islanders’ journey and will probably be strong feel with them, since I have already had this experience myself. “


This is “Love Island”:

  • From March 8th, “Love Island – Hot Flirts & True Love” goes into its 5th season
  • several singles move into a villa on Tenerife; there they have three weeks to fall in love
  • there are challenges and romantic dates in which they can get to know each other better
  • new singles regularly cause jealousy and emotional chaos
  • if you can’t find a partner, you have to leave the island
  • In 2020 Melina and Tim were chosen as the “Love Island” dream couple and won 50,000 euros


That’s the assumption – and that’s exactly what makes us so excited. ©

 The re have been plenty of headlines about Melissa. In the “Bachelorette” final she had decided on Leander at the time, which caused great excitement among the audience. It quickly became clear to them: the relationship would not last long, they would not follow each other on social media and so on. Yes, puff cake! Both are actually still a couple.


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Well, then from the “outside” she will really have the right view … (mg)


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From March 8th, it’s that time again: for the fifth time, presenter Jana Ina Zarrella will present the dating show “Love Island” on RTL Zwei. But one thing should be different this time. And THAT won’t suit some fans, that much seems clear. Here you can find out all the details!

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Love Island beauty distributed roses


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