Madeleine of Sweden shares photos for Princess Leonore’s birthday


But she has grown up:  The  Swedish Princess Leonore celebrated her seventh birthday. Her mother Madeleine of Sweden has therefore published new photos of the little one.

Photo series with 16 pictures


 The  Swedish royals are starting their birthday season again: Princess Estelle will be nine years old in a few days, her younger brother Oscar will celebrate his 5th birthday on March 2nd. Madeleine von Sweden can almost leave the birthday decorations: ©

 The  youngest Princess Adrienne will be three years old on March 9th. Her big sister Leonore celebrated her birthday on Saturday and is now seven years old. Madeleine therefore also shares a new photo of her daughter.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden publishes two photos of her child on her Facebook profile. Leonore is standing in the sea and holding a large number of colorful balloons in front of her face. In a second picture, she stretches out her arms and beams into the camera.

Fans excited about the birthday boy and her mother

“Happy seventh birthday for our wild and adventurous Leonore! We hope that you stay the way you are: funny, sweet, curious, caring and completely unique. Just like the unicorns you love so much,” is written above the two pictures .

Subscribers to the Swedish aristocracy are delighted with the new photos of the little princess. “©

 The y grow up so quickly,” sums up one user below the article. “Such a sweet girl! I hope you stay the way you are, Leonore, but you will, right?”, Commented another Facebook user. And yet another joins in: “I wish you and your daughter wonderful days. I think it’s great what a caring and loving mother you are!”

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Madeleine Sweden shares photos Princess Leonores birthday


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