Madeleine of Sweden: Your Leonore is celebrating her birthday – and there is a new cute photo


Blonde mane, big googly eyes and a stunning smile! Madeleine from Sweden’s eldest daughter Leonore is her Mini-Me.  The re is a new cute photo for my birthday.

© The  Swedish Mini-Royals’ birthday marathon has started again. Princess Estelle (8) will be 9 years old in a few days, her younger brother Oscar (4) will celebrate his birthday on March 2nd and Madeleine von Sweden (38) will also have two children’s birthdays in a row. ©

 The  youngest Princess Adrienne (2) will be three years old on March 9th and her older sister Leonore celebrated her seventh birthday on Saturday (February 20th), marking the start of the festivities.

For this occasion there is a new picture of the birthday child and we look forward to seeing the princess again. Madeleine’s oldest is beaming into the camera. You can guess how proud her beautiful mom must be.

Barefoot on the beach and with a cheeky grin on your face: In the video above we also show the cute new photo of Leonore.

No birthday party with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia

Unfortunately, the eldest daughter of Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill (46) has to do without a big party with the whole family. Because the ongoing corona pandemic does not even stop at the birthday of a cute mini princess. And since little Leonore lives with her family in far away Florida, there will probably be mostly virtual birthday greetings from the Swedish royals. Grandpa Carl Gustaf (74) and Grandma Silvia (77) would certainly love to push their sweet granddaughter.

A dream house in the Sunshine State: How Madeleine and her loved ones live in Florida can be seen in the video below.

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Madeleine Sweden Leonore celebrating birthday cute photo


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