Maintal: Sign for a colorful Germany: Albert Einstein School deals with attack in Hanau in class


 The me week February 19th

Together against racism: E-phase students commemorate the victims of Hanau.

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“We want a world in which I am not a target because of my nationality, my origin, my skin color, my beliefs, my sexuality and my gender.” ©

 The  words and pictures are haunting: news broadcasts from February 19, 2020, the names of Victims, pictures of demonstrations and memorials, the articles of the Basic Law which anchor the equality of all people, quotes from the speeches of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Maintal – A group of students from the Albert Einstein School (AES) made a film in memory of the racist attack in Hanau on February 19, 2020, the message of which could hardly be more impressive: ©

 The  young people stand together, stand up against each other Racism. ©

 The y demand clarification, want discrimination to be exposed and racism to be punished.

In the days around the first anniversary of the terrorist act, the school management called on the entire school community to devote an entire lesson to commemorating and coming to terms with the racist attack. “©

 The  suggestion came from the student council,” explains Bernhard Siever, member of the school management. “We like to pick it up and give all students the opportunity to remember the attack, to classify the events and to process them according to age, either in the class teacher lessons or in the subjects history, politics and economics.” Barbara Bingel’s business course, for example, has created a collage in which the students summarize their thoughts with a quote from Nelson Mandela: “Nobody is born with hatred of other people because of their skin color, ethnic origin or religion. Hatred is learned. And if you can learn to hate, you can also learn to love. “

Collage of high school students


 The  attack was present all year round anyway, because there were always current occasions to talk about and because there are students here who know the families or friends of the victims,” ​​says the teacher. “That is why it was immediately clear to the course: we have to say something about it and position ourselves against racism.”


 The  high school students favored the idea of ​​the collage, because everyone could use it to represent their own opinion to a certain extent. Several quotations have been suggested. Nelson Mandela’s opinion was the best representation of the course. “Since it starts with the word“ nobody ”, which the students found rather negative, we put the names of the victims at the beginning,” explains Bingel. ©

 The  quote was shared among all students. ©

 The  collage was created from a total of 15 photos. “Not all of them fit on the collage, but everyone got involved in the discussion,” says the teacher, who had planned a total of four hours for it. Topics such as freedom of expression, especially with regard to social media, and a stronger police presence, but also current events such as the WDR program “©

 The  Last Instance”, which was often criticized as racist, were discussed passionately a few weeks ago. “Unfortunately, the curriculum leaves little time to take up current issues,” says history teacher Jodith Debesai, who is involved in the anti-discrimination group founded by the students, regrets. Around 25 students from the fifth grade to the Abitur class meet regularly – currently online – to talk about discrimination at school and to plan specific projects. In addition to education, the main focus is on the desire to be a contact point for those affected and interested and to sensitize the entire school community to the topic. “Internal empowerment, external discourse”, is how Debesai sums up the goals of the student initiative. It is also planned to set up an information library with information materials for everyone.


 The  student initiative was well received


 The  anti-discrimination group was founded before yesterday’s anniversary. “We just think that racism and discrimination are not addressed enough in everyday life,” says student Rina Cakaj. “We thought about how we would get attention for our topics – and February 19th was of course the perfect date,” adds Rhoda Zündorf, one of the initiators. A small group created the video about the attack in Hanau, which is intended to publicize the AES commitment to tolerance and the memory of the attack beyond the school.

At least in the school community, the film was well received and is currently attracting the group from all grades. “Discrimination is not an issue that those affected can solve on their own. It is a subject that challenges us as a society, ”says history teacher Debesai. ©

 The refore, she is very happy that the group has received so much support that it now represents the school community in all its diversity. A joint school-wide campaign like a year ago, when students and teachers spontaneously formed a large human chain around the school building as a visible sign against racism immediately after the attack, is currently not possible in distance teaching. But the teachers had numerous materials available for the memorial hour – including the film of the anti-discrimination group.


 The  offer of the school initiative to come to class as a contact person with their hopeful message was also enthusiastically received: “We are the generation that controls the present in such a way that the future also provides space for those who do not belong,” concludes the film . (By Bettina Merkelbach)

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Maintal Sign colorful Germany Albert Einstein School deals attack Hanau class


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