Maite Kelly: You won’t let go of your difficult childhood


“That’s not how you deal with technology! Put that down immediately. I get angry. That is disrespectful! “, Maite Kelly suddenly rages against a candidate on the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, where the singer is currently on the jury.

What happened?

 The  young Devin Summer (23) wants to prove his singing talent on the show. But it fails miserably. “You sing like a roast chicken”is the damning verdict of jury boss Dieter Bohlen (67). Four times “No” for the hobby singer. Annoyed, the 23-year-old throws the microphone in the air and catches it again. At this moment Maite Kelly’s collar bursts. “You have to have respect for the technology”she admonishes him. ©

 The  pop star is stunned. But why does Maite react so emotionally? “We couldn’t afford that on the street”, she explains to her fellow jury members.

Maite Kelly: She is massively criticized!


 The  now 41-year-old sang for passers-by with her family as a little girl. Before their breakthrough, the Kellys were poor. ©

 The  children appeared to be able to afford food. Maite just can’t forget where she comes from and how difficult her beginnings were.

Maite Kelly: Your ex humiliates you again

Maite Kelly: Your fans are disappointed

Maite Kelly, Helene Fischer & Co .: ©

 The se pop stars were “topless”

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Maite Kelly wont difficult childhood


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