Malware on new Apple computers puzzles researchers



 The  newly discovered malware “Silver Sparrow” for Macs puzzles researchers from Red Canary and Malwarebytes. It is said to have infected at least 30,000 Apple laptops in 153 countries – primarily in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and France.

How the pest spreads is unclear. Manipulated search results in which he masquerades as a harmless app are suspected. ©

 The re are two versions – one runs on Macs with Intel processors, the other on the new M1 platform, as the experts from RedCanary report.

Payload failed

What the researchers know is that the malware communicates with a control server every hour to request new commands. A payload has so far not taken place at Silver Sparrow. A mystery to the security experts. ©

 The y assume that a certain condition may first have to be met for an attack. It is still unclear what condition it could be.


 The  pest also has a self-destruct function. In this way, he can move away from the computer without leaving any traces.

Destination unclear


 The  researchers classify Silver Sparrow as dangerous because of its rapid spread. ©

 The  target of the malware is unknown. It also remains open whether the payload has already been distributed and removed, or whether it should be distributed at a certain point in time in the future.

Apple has deactivated the developer certificates that the two versions discovered use. This way, new Macs can no longer be infected.

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Malware Apple computers puzzles researchers


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