Mandy Capristo: “Yes – I am happily forgiven”


Since the end of her relationship with Mesut Özil, little was known about the love life of ex “Monrose” singer Mandy Grace Capristo. Her love statement is all the more surprising.

Ex-Monrose-Singer Mandy Grace Capristo (30) is largely covered when it comes to her private life. At the request of her fans, who wanted to see one of her dream man within the Instagram game “Show me a picture of …”, she recently posted a suspicious male silhouette in her Instagram story. At first one could only guess whether it was really Mandy’s boyfriend and what he looks like.

To take a look at Mandy Grace Capristo’s boyfriend, click on the video above.

However, the puzzle is now coming together. Because Mandy Capristo shared a new picture with the stranger yesterday (February 14th) and wrote: “… yours” (“yours”), to which she put a heart. It couldn’t be more clear! And the photo itself speaks a clear language, it shows Mandy, how she cuddles in the arms of her boyfriend. Suitable for the day of lovers, the two relax in a romantic setting, on a large porch swing overlooking a lake. Mandy Capristo has not yet revealed who the lucky one is – but at least we now have a better picture of his appearance.

Update, 21. Februar

As Mandy confirms to “”, she is happily taken – “for a while now.” Her new boyfriend is said to be an Italian businessman and their relationship is very serious. Mandy has already moved in with him. Now the two live in a country house in his homeland. However, their relationship will not take place in public. “It’s very important to me to keep our private life as private as possible, but we don’t want to feel like we’re hiding.”


Mandy Capristo
She shares a private snapshot – is he new to her?
Usually, Mandy Capristo keeps a low profile when it comes to her private life. Now she might have given a clue about her love life.

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Mandy Capristo happily forgiven


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