March 1 burst – Merkel collects Spahn’s quick test start – domestic politics


Clap for Health Minister Jens Spahn (40, CDU)! Until yesterday he promised: Free mass rapid tests will be possible for all Germans from March 1st. But nothing comes of it.

In the so-called “Corona Cabinet”, Spahn’s test promise was personally received by Chancellor Angela Merkel (66, CDU) on Monday morning according to BILD information – and the date was postponed.

Together with Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (62, SPD) and Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (48, CDU), she asked Spahn many questions about capacities and permits in order to make it clear to him: It doesn’t work like that!

▶ ︎ Background: In Germany, for example, there are still no approvals for the so-called “lollipop tests” that are used in Austria. It is also still not clear whether the capacities are sufficient and what a negative self-test would mean for a citizen.  The  minister could not provide enough answers.

Spahn said tightly to the criticism in the cabinet: “I just have to know …”
Boom! Date postponed due to pressure from the Chancellor.

Countries mad at Spahn

Now the Corona Cabinet wants to discuss the creation of free test options together with the Prime Minister’s Conference on March 3 and specify the opening strategy.


 The refore, the establishment of the free tests is now targeted for March 8th. This could also mean that openings will be postponed again because, according to BILD information, the Chancellery makes larger openings dependent on the availability of rapid mass tests.

A member of the Corona cabinet on BILD: “Jens Spahn looked visibly angry. After so much went wrong with the vaccination, he really wanted to shine with the date March 1st. “
As BILD learned from a switching conference between the federal government and the state chancelleries of the federal states, the postponement of the free quick test start caused a great deal of resentment for all Germans. SPD-led countries were annoyed that March 1st could not be held because the Federal Ministry of Health had announced the date itself.

Spahn’s ministry tried to appease: ©

 The  promise was made at a time when the number of infections was falling …

Particularly bitter for Spahn: SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil had already expressed doubts about Spahn’s test date March 1 at the BILD talk “©

 The  Right Questions” on Sunday evening.

Klingbeil on the program: “When we were vaccinated, we noticed that we couldn’t believe Jens Spahn’s announcements. Corrections and corrections continue to be made. And I’m a little afraid that we (while testing, d.Red.) create the next disappointment. ”Because there are“ many questions that Jens Spahn has not answered to this day ”.

On Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., in front of the Corona cabinet, Spahn was still optimistic, said in the CDU committee, which the Chancellor was also present: “I have several offers from discounters on the table.”

In the CDU committees, the Chancellor Spahn let it go – in the Corona cabinet three hours later, she was tough together with the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellery Minister. And so Spahn had to collect an announcement (again) …

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March burst Merkel collects Spahns quick test start domestic politics


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