Mark Forster is almost bursting with pride: singer announces big news


Mark Forster is currently exercising restraint on Instagram – now he is back via video message and has mega news in his luggage.

Update from February 22, 11:53 a.m.: After previously rather cautious updates, Mark Forster is now reporting mega news on Instagram! “I have something to tell you,” announces the musician in his video clip. Some fans longingly hope that there will be another insight into the singer’s private life. But Mark Forster’s Update has a professional background – and of which he is “super proud”, as he himself writes.

Mark Forster: birthday song for “Die Sendung mit der Maus”

He will contribute the anniversary song for the 50th birthday of the ZDF children’s program “Die Sendung mit der Maus”. One of the moderators of the cult show, Christoph Biemann, apparently asked him in 2020 by video request for a song for the well-known orange mouse with the “laughing and factual stories”. Because: “We at the mouse can do a lot, but we can’t do one thing: Sing,” says Christoph. Mark Forster is as excited as a small child: “But I, I can sing!” He exclaims with joy and answers the ZDF format with “YYYYYYAAAAAAAAA” written in capital letters.

Mark Forster: “Mouse” fan since childhood

 The  fans do not yet know exactly how the result will sound. “I can show you the result very, very soon,” says Mark Forster. Release is most likely the day of the birthday, March 7th. On that day, in 1971, the first “Mouse” program ran on television. “Die Sendung mit der Maus” has already shared its first glimpses behind the scenes and into the recording studio with Mark Forster via Twitter. ©

 The  whole thing was recorded with the WDR big band. ©

 The  first song snippets from the chorus can also be heard in the Twitter clip. One thing is clear: this will be a real catchy tune!

As a big “mouse” fan, Mark Forster is then asked: “Do you have a favorite question for the mouse?” He has, and not just one. For example, how the red line gets into the toothpaste or the holes in the cheese. Or how a pretzel turns brown. In his song he will ask all of his favorite questions – all of which were already answered in “Die Sendung mit der Maus”. “You have to listen to the song briefly, that’s 2:40 minutes, then you have all the questions. And then you have to watch 100 episodes of ‘Maus’ and then you know all the answers, ”explains Mark Forster.

Mark Forster posts old tomato – what does he mean by that?

First report from February 20th: Berlin – Some A-list celebrities are currently holding back a lot on Instagram. ©

 The  reasons can only be speculated, and they could also be different. But it is quite possible that the stars will also use the corona-related break for a private break. Helene Fischer has not posted a new photo for weeks. Lena Meyer-Landrut has only seen a few story fragments since the New Year. Matthias Reim’s account is completely offline. And Mark Forster (38) also joins in there.

Mark Forster posted tomato (!) On Instagram


 The  number of photo / video posts by Mark Forster in 2021: two. A very strange cake contribution was followed by a jubilation of nominations. And there were also a few small Instagram story posts recently. But that’s about it. What his fans got to see on Friday (February 19th) seems all the more surprising and all the more strange.

Mark Forster posted a tomato on Instagram.

© Mark Forster/Instagram

Mark Forster came back with the photo of a tomato, of all things! ©

 The  vegetables lie parched on a grid in the open air. Both the setting and the tomato have seen better days. What is the artist trying to tell us?


 The  one word that Mark Forster comes up with gives a rough clue: “Lazy”. That means: I’m lazy at the moment. His fans will only hope that Mark Forster feels a lot better than the tomato looks. (lin)

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Mark Forster bursting pride singer announces big news


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