Mark Forster shares new picture: But what does he want to say WITH IT?


Mark Forster shares new photo: But what does he want to say WITH IT?

Mark Forster.
Photo: IMAGO / Revierfoto

It had become quiet around Germany’s number 1 cap wearer. Mark Forster. Hardly any pictures or videos on Instagram. No live performances.

Had on January 11th for his 38th birthday Mark Forster shared a picture of his birthday cake, and at the beginning of February he was happy about the nomination for the “Kid’s Choice Awards 2021” on social media. Otherwise silence. Now logs in Mark Forster finally back!

Mark Forster shares a photo on Instagram: What does that tell us?

Well has Mark Forster finally reported back. © The  only question that arises is: what does he want to say with his new photo? © The  picture was taken outside, you can see a squashed tomato lying on a grate on the floor. He only writes: “Lazy”.


This is Mark Forster:

  • born on January 11, 1983 in Kaiserslautern as Mark Cwiertnia
  • his mother comes from Poland and calls him Marek
  • In 2012 he released his first single “Auf dem Weg” and his debut album “Karton”
  • In 2013 he sang the refrain in Sido’s “One of these stones”
  • in the same year he made his breakthrough with “Au revoir”
  • since 2017 he has been a coach at “© The  Voice of Germany”
  • For “©

     The  Voice Kids” he was on the jury with Lena Meyer-Landrut



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What does Mark Forster mean by that?

What does that mean? Probably only Mark Forster knows that. Perhaps the “Au revoir” hitmaker just feels lazy in the corona lockdown. He would certainly not be the only one.

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And the picture shouldn’t be Mark Forster’s only sign of life. This video followed a short time later.

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Mark Forster shares picture


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