Mark Forster von Knossi destroyed with a saying – Did that go too far?


Was that too hard? In keeping with the motto of his show, “Freshly roasted every day” – presenter Knossi shoots pop singer Mark Forster on Instagram (photo montage)

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At “Daily Freshly Roasted” (RTL), presenter Knossi regularly delivers cheeky sayings. Pop singer Mark Forster got one of those on Instagram, but not everyone can laugh about it.

Cologne – Jens ‘Knossi’ Knossalla (34) has been hosting the second season of the late-night show “Freshly roasted daily” on RTL since January 26, 2021.  The  34-year-old entertainer also regularly shares this with cheeky sayings against celebrities and politicians from, most recently stood out with some jokes against SPD Bundestag member Karl Lauterbach (57). But the ‘King of the Internet’, as Knossi calls himself, is also causing a stir online with his loose mouth. On Instagram Now pop singer Mark Forster (38) had to take a beating – Not everyone wanted to laugh along, however.

Pop singer Mark Forster knows how to joke, but whether he can really laugh at the saying “Freshly roasted every day” presenter Knossi remains questionable

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Knossi humiliates Mark Forster with a nasty Corona saying – joke about pop singers backfires

As is well known, music can be argued fabulously, but with his saying about pop star Mark Forster, “Freshly roasted every day” host Knossi could overshot a bit be. A joke appeared on the Instagram and Facebook profile of the RTL program on Saturday (February 13th, 2021) that is likely to annoy the former “©

 The  Voice Kids” colleague of ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landrut (29) – after all, it is painfully aimed at the 38-year-old’s musical work.

Mark Forster compares Knossi’s saying with the corona virus – and speaks the pop singer awarded with the echo its artistic quality indirectly: “©

 The  coronavirus continues to develop. Mark Forster has a lot ahead of him artistically. ”©

 The  joke of the“ freshly roasted every day ”star was pretty good on its own, However, clearly provoked with a caption, which the statement should underline again (“Not everyone is that innovative”). ©

 The  38-year-old songwriter’s music suitable for radio apparently displeases Knossi and the joke writers of the RTL show.

Knossi hands out against Mark Forster – fans cannot laugh at the entertainer’s saying

However, the users of Instagram and Facebook did not find the post really funny. Knossi also has to put up with it personally: “What a caustic guy”, writes a viewer and receives several ‘Likes’ for her comment. Another user fears that the “freshly roasted every day” presenter could follow in the footsteps of TV icon Oliver Pocher (42) with his behavior and would like to prevent that: “Please, don’t go in the direction of Pocher, not nice at all, sorry. “In some comments it is even requested to dismiss the writer of the shipment without notice – the shot against Mark Forster obviously backfired!

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Mark Forster von Knossi destroyed


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