Mars: “Hope” probe sends first photo – with the largest volcano in our solar system – advice


200 million kilometers away from us and 24,700 kilometers above Mars!

 The  Mars probe “Hope” of the United Arab Emirates has sent its first image of the red planet to Earth. ©

 The  photo shows “the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, as it appears in the early morning sunlight,” said the Emirates’ space agency on Sunday.


 The  picture was taken at an altitude of 24,700 kilometers above the Martian surface last Wednesday, it said. ©

 The  day before, “Hope” had reached the planet’s orbit.


 The  Mars probe was launched from the Japanese space center Tanegashima on July 20, 2020. It took the 1350 kilogram “Hope” almost seven months to travel to Mars.

This is what it would look like if “Hope” were photographed by a probe again

This is what it would look like if “Hope” were photographed by a probe againPhoto: Alexander McNabb / AP


 The  main aim of the mission is to learn more about the weather on the Red Planet. Three high-tech measuring instruments on board the “Hope” are supposed to explore the planet’s atmosphere for a year on Mars, i.e. 687 days. ©

 The  probe is expected to send more data back to Earth in September.


 The  planet Mars offers researchers a unique arena to get to the bottom of the big questions about the origin and basic conditions of life,” says Prof. Kraupe vom Hamburg Planetarium IMAGE. “And life in space as well as on earth. Mars research is actually environmental research in the broadest sense and will open up completely new perspectives on the peculiarities of our earth’s climate and the future of our civilization. “

So it is no coincidence that three space probes land on the Red Planet in February. “Mars is now more than 200 million kilometers away from Earth – but the robotic scouts were sent on their months-long journey in good time last year when Mars was still close to Earth,” explains Prof. Kraupe.


 The  United Arab Emirates, along with China and the United States, are one of three countries that launched Mars missions last year. Unlike the Chinese and US missions, the Arab Mars mission does not plan to land on the Red Planet.

By the way: In February, Mars appears in a particularly beautiful company in our night sky – even if all other clear-sighted planets are hidden from our view. So he gets company from the “Pleiades”, “Hyades” – and a “lying moonship”. But science also has Mars firmly in its sights this month. Three space probes land on the red planet.

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Mars Hope probe sends photo largest volcano solar system advice


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