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Once again there is a crazy price explosion in the crypto world. Once again, Tesla boss Elon Musk (49) triggered it.

This time the billionaire has pushed the unknown cryptocurrency Marscoin soaring. And apparently not even on purpose!

In a Twitter conversation a user suggested to Musk that he should set up his own cryptocurrency called “Eloncoin”.  The n the head of the crypto exchange “Binance”, Changpeng Zhao (44), stepped in.

Zhao wrote, “It is necessary. Maybe you call it Marscoin? “

Ten and a half hours later, Musk, who also owns the space company SpaceX, replied: “©

 The re will definitely be a Marscoin!”

What Musk apparently overlooked: ©

 The re has long been a Marscoin. Up until then hardly anyone knew him. Boom!

▶ ︎ ©

 The  Marscoin course exploded! At its peak, after Musk’s tweet, it increased by an incredible 2,000 percent. ©

 The  value of a Marscoin rose from 0.09 euros to 2.06 euros.

So if you had already invested 1,000 euros in the crypto currency before, you could turn it into 21,000 euros with perfect timing. However, catching this point in time is highly unlikely.


 The  huge hype was also quickly over: 48 hours after the Musk tweet, the Marscoin is around 0.28 euros.

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Marscoin Elon Musk fuels unknown cryptocurrency accidentally Economy


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