Mats does it! 1-0 – the FCN in Karlsruhe in late luck – sport

 Mats does it!  1-0 - the FCN in Karlsruhe in late luck - sport

Möller-Daehli ensures victory at KSC shortly before the end –
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 The  difference maker: Mats Möller-Daehli (# 24) meets in Karlsruhe.

© Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr, Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr

Last weekend 1. FC Nürnberg caused quite a stir. First with an astonishingly weak football game against FC Sankt Pauli, then with the remarks by coach Robert Klauss on the so-called match plan. In the days that followed, efforts were made to smooth things over again.

Klauss explained his address to the team as not that complicated after all. Sports director Dieter Hecking emphasized that we somehow want to survive this new crisis together. With all these attempts it would have been helpful if they had successfully played football again.

That also succeeded at the end of this wonderful week. Due to a late goal from Mats Möller-Daehli, 1. FC Nürnberg deservedly won 1-0 (0-0) at Karlsruher SC. In an even game for a long time, the Norwegian’s lucky goal made the difference. Match plan worked.

Krauss and Schleusener outside at first

Klauss had changed his team once again before the performance. ©

 The  injured Noel Knothe and Asger Sörensen made way for Enrico Valentini and Georg Margreitter on the defensive, Tom Krauss and Fabian Schleusener had to give way to Dennis Borkowski and Manuel Schäffler for sporting reasons.

Safe at the back, striving forwards: © The  club fight at KSC in the individual review

After the game against St. Pauli, the club had a lot to improve. In Karlsruhe he managed over long stretches of defensive performance against the strongest second division team to date in 2021 and even turned one of the few big chances to victory at the last minute. NN sports editor Wolfgang Laaß with the individual reviews of the important victory in the wildlife park!

At least at the beginning there were no problems with this renovation work. ©

 The  club acted bravely against the most successful second division team of the calendar year and managed, on the one hand, to keep Karlsruhe away from their own goal and, on the other hand, to appear dangerous on the offensive every now and then.
Both had to do with a brisk pressing behavior. On the indicated danger: after twelve minutes a beautiful pass from Johannes Geis found the advanced Tim Handwerker, but Schäffler did not pass his cross. Karlsruhe goalkeeper Marius Gersbeck prevented the pass attempt just as he prevented the Nuremberg lead nine minutes later.

Great opportunity and last-minute victory: FCN fights for three in Karlsruhe

A threesome in Karlsruhe was not really expected, but the club then showed what it can do – and fought for victory abroad with a committed performance and a stable defense. With the replacement of Tom Krauss for Dennis Borkowski, club coach Robert Klauß made it clear a quarter of an hour before the end that he was satisfied with the point and wanted to keep it. But his players wanted more and after a little mess, Mats Möller Daehli scored the winning goal. © The  best pictures for the game!

Dovedan had captured the ball shortly before the penalty area when KSC tried to build up the game. Nürnberger found his passport, but only Gersbeck’s feet when he graduated. ©

 The  greatest possibility in the first round, in which not much else happened.

Schäffler fails, but Möller Daehli is there

In the second half, a good second division game turned into a very average one – which was more to be attributed to the Karlsruhe team, who as hosts were unable to exert any pressure. ©

 The  club was still on the defensive and after an hour again the best opportunity: ©

 The  attempt of the strong Borkowski was deflected off the goal.

Lucky Punch in Karlsruhe: rate the performance of the FCN players!

Three points in advance seemed a very ambitious goal against the best second division team in 2021. But in the relegation battle, the club needs as many points as it can get – and it got that in Karlsruhe with a late goal from Mats Möller Daehli on Got it on Sunday afternoon. Not undeserved, because especially in comparison to the previous games, the club was much more organized and stable. How do you rate the FCN players at KSC?

Until the final phase, even less happened than in the first round, before Dovedan (87th) and Batmaz (89th) on the other side fired two shots, which were blocked at the last second. That was not the end because Möller-Daehli was rewarded for his hard work. After a mistake by Karlsruhe, Schäffler appeared alone in front of the goal, failed to Gersbeck, but Möller-Daehli put the margin in the goal. © The  club actually won the second away game in a row and can now prepare for the game against Eintracht Braunschweig.
+++ ©

 The  live ticker to cheer! +++
Karlsruher SC: Gersbeck – Thiede, Bormuth, Kobald, Heise – Wanitzek, Choi, Gondorf – Goller (78th Batmaz), Hofmann (86th Gueye), Lorenz (71st Amaechi)
1. FC Nürnberg: Mathenia – Valentini, Mühl, Margreitter, craftsman (90th + 3 Behrens) – Geis, Nürnberger – Möller Daehli, Dovedan (90th + 1 Schleusener) – Borkowski (77th Krauss), Schäffler
Tore: 0: 1 Möller Daehli (90.) | Yellow cards: Choi – Valentini, Nuremberg | Referee: Dankert (Rostock)

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