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First he sang on marketplaces, then over “80 million”. This song helped Max Giesinger (32) to rise to the German Pop Olympus. Now he sings for the first time about the most formative event of his childhood: the separation of his parents.

BILD am SONNTAG: What are you currently missing the most?

Max Giesinger:© The  stage, my tour, my crew. ©

 The  live concerts. Also some parties. However, all of this is so far away that I don’t even know how it feels at a bar. I don’t miss the red carpet. I’m probably not that vain in that area. ”

Not otherwise either?
Giesinger: “Only when it comes to my hairstyle. If my hair looks like shit, I can get in a bad mood. That was already the case at school. My pals and I were wearing hedgehog hairstyles at the time. One of them always ran over the other’s head just before class and ruined the whole effort. I thought that was pretty uncool. ”

What about clothes?

Giesinger: “I’m more of the sustainable type. I have a few favorite outfits that I keep wearing until they are tattered. That’s enough for me. I hate shopping. ”

About your music: What does your new song “Sometime is now” mean to you?

Giesinger: “It tells a lot about my self-reflection. It began for me, as with many, in my late 20s or early 30. Suddenly you ask yourself a lot of questions. What is good for me What do I make myself happy with? I have also found that I don’t need a lot of what I had before. ”

For example?
Giesinger: “I signed out of social networks for four months last fall.”

Little Max as a student

Little Max as a studentFoto: Max Giesinger/Instagram

Your second new song, “Your Doubts”, is about your parents’ divorce.

 The  text is told as it was back then. Nothing is embellished there, nothing is invented. ”


 The  breakup is still an issue for you.

Giesinger: “Naturally. Writing the song was like therapy for myself, because all of a sudden really deep feelings came up. ”
Do you feel relieved?

Giesinger: “Somehow yes. When I was in Portugal in October, I treated myself to a rental convertible for the drive back from the airport and listened to the songs for the first time on the way. At ‘Your Doubts’ I cried and sobbed violently. “

Giesinger's parents Carlo and Ilona at the Bambi in Baden-Baden in 2019

Giesinger’s parents Carlo and Ilona at the Bambi in Baden-Baden in 2019Photo: Getty Images for Bunte

How did your parents react?

Giesinger: “From the immediate environment it was said: ‘You can’t get that out, it’s too intimate.’ But my mother was badly touched. Of course we talked about the song a few times. ”

And your father?

Giesinger: “I grew up with my mother, I was with Daddy every two to three weeks. When I played the song for him, he exhaled loudly and said: ‘Okay, that’s crazy stuff. But you hit the nail on the head. ‘

How did you feel after that?

Giesinger: “It is hard to show your parents such a personal text. After that you don’t do a joyful dance, but first have to swallow. Nevertheless, this song and the associated reappraisal of this topic is one of the most important steps I’ve ever taken. Life feels easier now. “

Max Giesinger wrote Song about the parents' divorce:
Photo: BILD

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