Max Kruse let Werder Bremen fidget about Bayern and Liverpool!

Max Kruse let Werder Bremen fidget about Bayern and Liverpool!

Berlin / Bremen –  The re will never be an answer to this question: How would it have fared SV Werder Bremen if Max Kruse had not left the Green-Whites in summer 2019? But now there is at least an explanation why Kruse let the people of Bremen fidget for so long and therefore ultimately parted ways.

© The  ex-captain of Werder Bremen was in contact with the FC Liverpool and the FC Bayern Munich, was hoping for the transfer to a really big club, as it was called back then and how it was Max Kruse has now revealed in the podcast “Gameday winner winner” from Kickbase. Ultimately, Kruse landed at Fenerbahce Istanbul and moved to Union Berlin after just one season. Today’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic called him “or he sent me a message, I’m not quite sure now,” said the 32-year-old on the podcast. Salihamidzic told him that he would be in touch during the week. “Of course he didn’t,” said Kruse and joked: “I’m still sitting in front of my cell phone.” At large clubs, the ex-national player said that several people were “on hold”.

Werder Bremen offered Max Kruse several extensions of the expiring contract

Much more concrete, however, was the interest of Liverpool FC with coach Jürgen Klopp, reported Kruse. “I’ve been in contact since February, March. Talking to Jürgen Klopp was awesome too. Of course I would have done that. ”However, Liverpool ultimately changed their minds in terms of personnel planning. “That was disappointing, but that’s how it is in football,” said Kruse.

Werder Bremen had repeatedly offered his best player in the squad an extension of the contract that expired in the summer. But the ex-national player didn’t want to negotiate, he just wanted to wait and see. Werder gave him an ultimatum – and then announced Max Kruse In mid-May 2019 he suddenly said goodbye to Bremen. Without the playmaker and scorer, the green-whites crashed badly after almost qualifying for international business in the following season. Relegation was only able to stay in relegation at the last second. (dpa / kni)

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Max Kruse Werder Bremen fidget Bayern Liverpool


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