McDonald’s: menu and products get a new design


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Burger King showed how it is done, now competitor McDonald’s is following suit. In order to bring a breath of fresh air, the products of the fast food chain should get a new design.  The  motto: Less is more!

  • McDonald’s gets a new design
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     The  packaging of burgers and co. Is designed in a minimalist way

  • First photos of the fast food chain’s new look have appeared

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 The  well-known packaging for burgers, wraps and side dishes at McDonald’s should get a new design. Instead of colorful and eye-catching, the look should be kept minimalist and subtle.

McDonald’s: New design for products and packaging


 The  new packaging, which is to be rolled out worldwide over the next two years, has a minimalist and retro look. It is already on the market in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as “AdWeek” reports.


 The  agency “Pearlfisher” is said to have been commissioned with the new design as early as 2016.

McDonald’s: New design should drive development of the brand

It is the first time in five years that the look of the packaging has changed – and that only shortly after the competitor Burger King published its new logo.

As the agency announced to “AdWeek”, the new design is a logical step to further advance the development of the brand. ©

 The y want to further strengthen the “feel-good” atmosphere at McDonalds. It is not yet known when exactly the new design will also be available in the German branches. (Mei)

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McDonalds menu products design


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