McLaren Artura: What can the most economical McLaren ever do?


 The  power is brought to the road via rear-wheel drive, and McLaren has installed an electronic limited-slip differential.

© The  electricity is stored in a 7.4 kWh battery. This means that the McLaren can drive up to 30 kilometers purely electrically. © The  Artura accelerates to 100 km / h (when both engines are working) in about 3 seconds and is 330 km / h fast (130 km / h purely electrically).

Woking is also proud of the weight savings. © The  Artura has a curb weight of 1.5 tons – despite the additional hybrid technology. © The  technicians have even found a weight saving of 10 percent in the cabling.

If you usually show off the performance of sports cars, McLaren points out in the case of the Artura that this is the most economical McLaren ever produced. © The  exact consumption information is still owed, the CO2© The  value should be 129 g / km.

You can already order the car, the first vehicles will be delivered from the third quarter. Price in Germany: 226,000 euros.

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McLaren Artura economical McLaren


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