Media law agreement: Facebook releases news again in Australia


Status: 02/23/2021 11:10 a.m.

Facebook and the Australian government have come to an agreement in the dispute over the planned media law.  The  ban on journalistic content on the platform imposed in the country is to be lifted.

© The  US Internet company Facebook and the government in Canberra have come to an agreement: Due to changes in the planned Australian media law, journalistic content on Facebook would be released “in the coming days,” announced Facebook’s Australia boss Will Easton.

Agreement after long negotiations

After days of discussions with Facebook, the Australian government offered adjustments to the legal text, according to Australian Chancellor of the Exchequer Josh Frydenberg. © The  changes stipulate that Facebook should first sit down with the Australian media houses and discuss the details of payments for journalistic content.

If that does not succeed, a mediator appointed by the government will be used. It is about more clarity for digital platforms and news media. © The  aim is “that companies in the news media sector are fairly remunerated,” said Frydenberg. Facebook announced that it was “satisfied” with the adjustments.

Dispute over the payment system

© The  background to the dispute is the law called the “Media News Barging Code”, with which the Australian government wants to make Facebook and Google pay publishers money for the distribution of their journalistic content.

Google had avoided a conflict and reached agreements with several media companies. Facebook, on the other hand, had blocked journalistic news content for days. As a result, the Australian government announced that it would advertise the new vaccination campaign against the corona virus on the Internet – just not on Facebook.

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Media law agreement Facebook releases news Australia


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