Meghan & Harry: Revelation about Oprah interview shakes Royal Family


Winfrey is said to have jetted to California on a € 59 million private jet to speak to Meghan and Harry. Sources alleged opposite  The  Sun, the presenter’s “intimate” approach will give a “real glimpse” of the gap between the Sussexes and the royal family. It should also be an extremely lucrative deal for Meghan and Harry. Exactly how much the Sussexes will earn from their exclusive interview is not known. However, there is talk of “pure gold”.

A royal source stressed last week that with Meghan and Harry no longer working on behalf of the Crown, all decisions regarding media commitments are “their business”. ©

 The y were “not obliged” to inform the royal household of their plans. Nevertheless, the interview with Oprah is said to be bitter at the Royals.

“Heaviest crack in decades”

Recent events are said to add further strain to the relationship between the two brothers. Some in the palace even claim it is “the worst rift in the royal family in decades”.

But not only the exclusive interview from Meghan and Harry, also their statement on the final “Megxit” should cause tension behind the palace walls.

After talks with the Duke of Sussex, the Queen confirmed that after the withdrawal from the royal family it was not possible for Meghan and Harry to continue “the responsibility and duties associated with a life in the service of the people” Palace communicated on Friday. Shortly after the palace’s statement, Meghan and Harry also spoke up. ©

 The y announced that their service to the royals was “universal” – which the British press interpreted as an attempt to relativize the palace’s commentary.

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Meghan Harry Revelation Oprah interview shakes Royal Family


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