Melissa Naschenweng is “topless” – hits


Melissa Naschenweng shows herself on Instagram without any make-up.

 The  fans of the “LederHosenRockerin” are thrilled.

In her latest post, the Schlager beauty shows herself barefoot, in a casual pink shirt with black leggings and – completely without make-up! Looks with a mischievous smile Melissa Naschenweng into the camera. Her comment on the photo is: “You don’t like make-up best, do you?”

“Natural beauty”


 The  30-year-old always shows herself to be close to nature and down-to-earth in her Instagram postings – regardless of whether with animal offspring in the cowshed, the “spruce moped” (chainsaw) in action or a crackling test drive with her new tractor on the dirt roads of her parents’ mountain farm ( without a driver’s license – we reported).

Her fans celebrate Melissa for so much openness and courage and give her “topless” photo with loving words such as: “Natural beauty”, “Look great” or “With or without make-up on your face, you are always smart! A real mountain farmer “.

Im “Today”-Interview, Melissa openly chats about Playboy offers, one night stands and sins of youth:

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Melissa Naschenweng topless hits


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