Men’s slalom now in the live ticker

Men's slalom now in the live ticker

 The  men’s slalom is on the agenda today at the Alpine Skiing World Championships. You can see whether there is a medal for Linus Straßer here at SPOX in the live ticker.

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Alpine skiing World Cup: men’s slalom now in the live ticker

  • Intermediate result: 1. Pertl (AUT), 2. Foss-Solevag (NOR) +0.16, 3. Noel (FRA) +0.34, 4. Kristoffersen (NOR) +0.38, 5. Pinturault (FRA) +0.41

Clearing: Technically the Brit drives fine and is close to the stages. Can he even jeopardize Pertl’s fastest time? No, his driving style in reserve is his undoing, he is also eliminated.

Jeandet: In the strong French slalom team, Muffat Jeandet is only third strongest. He can’t change this order today either, he’s out!

Meillard: How is the slope doing? © The  snow is soft, that is easy to see. © The  slope is still holding up quite well, there are not many ruts to be seen yet. Meillard is still eliminated because it leverages him too far with one swing and he can no longer reach the next bar.

Khoroshilov: When attacked, the Russian drives upstairs and wants to attack fully. But he is too aggressive, threads in after a few bars and is eliminated.

Matt: Manuel Feller was the biggest disappointment of the ÖSV so far, is Michael Matt doing better than him? Yes, he is not showing his best performance and cannot match the times of Schwarz and Pertl, but he is less than a second behind.

Yule: His coach set the run, an advantage? Yes, Yule has been able to get involved in a season that has so far been so disappointing for him and is seventh, six tenths behind, within striking distance. A respectable success for Yule this season!

Alpine skiing World Cup: Youngster Perl causes a surprise

Pertl: Youngster Pertl is the surprise of the first round! ©

 The  only 24-year-old has been in better shape recently and is strong. With a great rhythm he brings a best time to the finish and takes the lead.

Schwarz: ©

 The  top favorite is on its way. In the combination, Schwarz already surprised with a gold medal and should be able to drive freely. He puts the ski on the edge nice and soft and can keep the boards on the train. However, towards the bottom he slows down and crosses the finish line four tenths behind.

Feller: What was wrong with Feller? His journey is very restless, with some goals his upper body wobbles back and forth – that’s not a good sign. In the second run, the Austrian needs to catch up.

Noel: ©

 The  front is tight, which already promises an exciting final. So far, the leading Norwegian has ridden the hardest at the bottom, where his competitors usually lose a few tenths. So far, the best four have only been around 25 hundredths apart.

Kristoffersen: Head-to-head duel with his compatriot! Kristoffersen, who recently found his way back to his old form, at least in the slalom, duels at eye level with Foss Solevag. He’s a little slower, though, but Kristoffersen still stays ahead of Pinturault at the finish.

Zen houses: ©

 The re are few flat sections in today’s slalom, the slope is almost continuously quite steep. Zenhäuser doesn’t really look lively, given his height, quick movements in his legs are very important, which he doesn’t show today. He is a lot behind the leader.

Solevag: ©

 The  Norwegian sets the first comparison time. Not a single time flashes red, at all intermediate times he is just ahead. So it goes first with about two tenths of a lead into the target area.

Pinturault: How does the French cope with the giant slalom disappointment? Very well, his run remains without major mistakes. He manages the smooth run solidly, but we will only see in a moment what is worth his time.

Here we go!

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Mens slalom live ticker


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