Messenger wants to put pressure on with limited functions


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Messenger Whatsapp annoys its users with its new privacy policy. After users switched to the competition after the changes were announced, approval of the policy was postponed.

 The  users should now agree to the new rules by May 15 and the service wants to help with pressure.

A new privacy policy for the Whatsapp messenger service angered some users earlier this year. With the new rules, which should actually come into force in February, Whatsapp wants to allow the data to be passed on to the parent company Facebook. ©

 The  announcement of the new guidelines drove many users to compete. ©

 The  Threema service, for example, was able to enjoy significantly more users. Whatsapp then postponed the new terms of use.

Whatsapp: New data protection guidelines are coming

Despite the resistance, the rules should not be dropped. May 15th has already been set as the new deadline for the terms of use. ©

 The n, however, the users should agree to the new regulations. ©

 The  company wants to help with restrictions.

In the FAQ on the Whatsapp website, the company has now informed about what should happen on the date the new terms of use come into force. If you haven’t agreed to the new guidelines by May 15th, your account will not be deleted immediately. However, the users then have to live with some restrictions on the messenger service.

According to the website, Whatsapp will no longer be available in its full functionality until the new privacy policy has been approved. Users receive calls and notifications from the app for a short time, but can neither read messages nor send their own texts. Until May 15th, users can export their chat histories and download a report for their account.

Users can still agree to the regulations after the deadline. However, the policy on inactive users applies here, according to the company on its website. This states that inactive users are usually deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Users who do not have an Internet connection to WhatsApp are seen as inactive. However, content that was stored locally on a user’s smartphone before the account was deleted is retained until WhatsApp is removed from the device.

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