Mette-Marit of Norway: baby fever at 47? “I would do anything for that”


 The se words should surprise you! Now Mette-Marit from Norway is once again speaking openly about the next generation – and goes into raptures.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit (47) had their first son Marius Borg Høiby (24) at the age of just 23. Long before her marriage to Crown Prince Haakon (47), with whom the beautiful Norwegian has been married since 2001. With him, the now 47-year-old was able to experience mom joys twice. Princess Ingrid Alexandra (17) and Prince Sverre Magnus (15) have crowned royal love. And when thinking about her three children, Mette-Marit gets really sentimental in her friend Else Kåss Furuseth’s (40) podcast.

Marius has grown up: We show what the Crown Princess’s eldest son looks like in the video above.

Mette-Marit would like to see her first years as a mother back

“I would do anything in the whole world to get the time back,” admits the royal beauty, surprisingly honest. Especially when the podcast recording is interrupted by a mutual friend with a baby, there is no stopping Crown Princess Mette-Marit. “This bond that is being created is the best ever. It is one of the greatest gifts in life to experience the time as a mother.”

Royals completely private: In the video we show unseen family moments from Mette-Marit, Haakon and their loved ones.

Unseen family moments: this is how she lives privately

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But as good as the time with babies is, it is also damn exhausting. As a mother of three, Mette-Marit can certainly tell you a thing or two about that. It should be much more relaxed in the palace today. After all, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, who will one day ascend the Norwegian throne, will come of age next year. And her younger brother Sverre Magnus? At 15 years of age, he is still fully adolescent, but Haakon and his wife, as experienced parents, are sure to put up with that.

Will Marius Borg Høiby soon be grandma’s mom Mette-Marit?

However, if Mette-Marit really dreams of babies, this wish may soon come true. Not in the role of mom, but as grandma. After all, her eldest son Marius has been in a relationship with the model Juliane Snekkestad (25) for two years. It is quite possible that the two will make Mette-Marit a grandmother in the next few years. And then the 47-year-old can once again sniff the very fresh baby scent and collect new memories.

Magical princess: Mette-Marit’s daughter is fashionably following in the footsteps of Duchess Kate and Princess Sofia – and enchants everyone, as we show in the video below.

Beautiful in white - Duchess Kate & Sofia already wore this dress

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