Mette-Marit of Norway: “I am very ashamed that I am sick”


Mette-Marit from Norway opens up on a podcast and speaks honestly about her fears and worries and the feeling that she is not enough.

Royals who really talk about their doubts and weaknesses – that’s rare.  The  most famous example of a very personal interview is probably Princess Diana († 36)whose openness is still causing a sensation in conversation with the BBC. Also on the Oprah interview with Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39, nee Meghan Markle), which was announced for March 7th, one can look forward to this. But now Mette-Marit from Norway (47) spoke impressively openly in a podcast about her feelings and fears.

In the video above we see the Crown Princess for the first time after her hidden skiing accident!


Mette Marit

Mette-Marit of Norway
© The  pressure at court is growing – now she has to be there for her daughter
© The  court is very concerned about King Harald. More and more often, his son Haakon has to take over for him. For Crown Princess Mette-Marit, the difficult situation is becoming an act of strength.

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Mette-Marit von Norway talks about pressure, challenges and shame

© The  Crown Princess comes from a middle-class family: her father was a journalist, her mother is a banker. Mette-Marit met her lover, Crown Prince Haakon (47), at the 1999 music and art event “Quart Festival”. © The  engagement followed in 2000, the wedding in 2001. Even if it is not uncommon these days for commoners to marry into royal families, it is of course a huge challenge to suddenly be in the spotlight. Mette-Marit recently spoke about this feeling in the podcast “© The  Kåss Furuseth” on the Norwegian TV station NRK. She openly told the moderators of the podcast, Else (40) and Ramona Kåss Furuseth (36), about the immense pressure that was on her when she became part of the Norwegian royal family.

© The re are some stages in my life, perhaps especially the initial phase of me and Haakon, that I still can’t think about without feeling sick,” “” quoted the Crown Princess as saying. It was an enormous pressure that you could see in the first TV and photo shoots and she had the feeling that she could not withstand the demands. With the pressure and the attention, there was also a feeling of shame. This feeling increased with her illness. Mette-Marit suffers from chronic pulmonary fibrosis, i.e. a change in the lung tissue, she received the diagnosis in 2018. She also talks about this in the podcast and admits that she is ashamed that she is sick because she feels that she is not working enough to be able to.


Without make-up & with glasses: They are wonderfully unpretentious

Mette-Marit of Norway
Without make-up & with glasses: © The y are wonderfully unpretentious
In Corona times everything is different – even with the royals. Appointments take place via video and it can be casual, as Mette-Marit from Norway proves.

© The  skiing accident of Crown Princess Mette-Marit is also an issue

© The  royal family had imagined that: a relaxing ski trip in their own ski hut in Uvdal, Norway. But the vacation came to an abrupt end when the skis from Mette-Marit and her daughter Ingrid Alexandra (16) wedged together and Mette-Marit fell unhappy. In the podcast, the Crown Princess herself speaks about the accident on December 21, 2020, in which she broke her tailbone: “I was in such pain that I couldn’t keep from crying. I cried and screamed. It was probably that Most painful thing I’ve ever experienced! “

Nobody suspected that the next skiing holiday in Mette-Marit would be doom … In the video below you can see the great winter photos of the Norwegian royals from 2019.

Departure in imperial weather: she shares private holiday pictures!

© Instagram/crownprincessmm;


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