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 The  cruise tourism that has come to a standstill due to the corona pandemic is also affecting shipbuilders. Meyer Werft in Papenburg wants to make massive savings and cut almost one in five jobs.

© The  group apparently wants to cut 650 jobs, as the NDR in Lower Saxony has learned from ongoing discussions between management, works council and trade union. In addition, employees who can keep their jobs should work one day a month for free. Wages are only to be increased in the coming years if Meyer Werft makes a profit. If the employees do not accept this, 300 more jobs would be on the verge.


A cruise ship lies in the Meyer shipyard.
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 The  executive floor of the Papenburg company has addressed the employees in several video messages. (22/01/2021) 3 min

Shipbuilders must save billions

Meyer Werft has to save around 1.2 billion euros due to the Corona crisis. Where the red pencil is being used, the management has sounded out with the help of a Swabian management consultant who, according to NDR information, slimmed down the processes at Meyer in 2009. At the time, however, nobody was fired, as Thomas Gelder, head of IG Metall Leer-Papenburg, said.

Works council fears replacement of the workforce by contractors


 The  works council now wants to know from the corporate management what exactly the management consultants are doing. Among other things, it is about whether the shipyard has made specific requirements for job cuts. Works council chairman Nico Bloem announced to NDR Lower Saxony that it would not support the plans and would continue to fight for every job. He sees no reason for redundancies as long as there is enough work for everyone. ©

 The  new measures increase the suspicion that other parts of the permanent workforce are to be replaced by cheap contract workers.


 The  press office of Meyer Werft could not be reached for a comment at first.

Further information

Three shipyard workers stand on a component of the "Anthem of the Seas" in the Meyer shipyard.  © NDR Photo: Jessica Holzhausen


 The  shipyard management has agreed on this with employee representatives. ©

 The  shipyard wants to save 1.3 billion euros. (29.01.2021) more

Meyer Werft employees with IGM flag.  © picture alliance / dpa / Sina Schuldt Photo: Sina Schuldt

Without them the ships would be too expensive, it is said. Junior boss Jan Meyer speaks of a serious situation. (23.01.2021) more

A protective helmet from the Meyer shipyard lies on a table.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Sina Schuldt

What happens if 1,800, 900 or 600 employees were laid off? Meyer Werft has made a plan. (19.01.202) more

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