Microsoft brings Office to the iPad


Microsoft has finally made its Office app, which has been available for Android and iOS for a year, also available in an optimized form for Apple’s iPad. ©

 The  individual apps such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint have already been available as optimized programs for iPad. ©

 The  Office app, which combines everything, was reserved for the Android and iPhone world.

Mouse and trackpad support

In the course of the past year, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint have gradually adapted to the new possibilities of the iPad such as mouse, trackpad and pen support. Multi-app mode, which allows multiple documents from the same app to be placed next to each other on the screen, was also supported.


 The  PDF functions of the new Office app have been improved again. In this way, PDFs can be easily created from various documents and these can also be signed. In addition, images can be quickly converted into a PowerPoint file using the iPadOS system function. If you use the Office app on newer iPads with a screen size of 10.2 inches or more, you need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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Microsoft brings Office iPad


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