Microsoft Office 2021: This change should not please fans of Word, Excel and Co.



With Office 2021, a new Office program from Microsoft has reached us this year for macOS and Windows. However, users should not like some changes.

Microsoft has announced a new version of Office 2021, which will appear in the second half of the year. (Source: Dennizn /

  • Microsoft has announced a new application suite with Office 2021.
  • Office 2021 appears in two different versions.
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     The  price increase and support cut shouldn’t please fans.

After Office 2019 has already been around for a few years, a new version of the application suite is now being released with Office 2021. Microsoft has already published a little bit of information on this, the official presentation should take place in April.


 The  new Office 2021 should appear once in a version for companies with long-term support and in a version for private users. In addition, Microsoft will increase prices again with version 2021. Around 10 percent more are in the room here, but Microsoft has not yet given official prices. But users shouldn’t like that.


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 The  best software for the home office


 The  best software for the home office

Just like Office 2019, Office 2021 will also be decoupled from being forced to connect to the Internet. So users don’t have to take out a subscription or work in the cloud. However, the general support will be reduced from seven years to five years. In general, Microsoft therefore continues to recommend using the subscription package with Office 365.

Coming out for macOS and Windows in 2021


 The  new Microsoft Office 2021 will appear in the second half of the year and will be launched for macOS and Windows 10. Much information about the new version is not yet available.

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