Microsoft Word: AI Text Prediction Coming in March


Microsoft is equipping Word with more AI technology.

For almost a year, Word writers in Microsoft 365 or Office 365 have been able to use the AI ​​function “Rewrite Suggestions”: Artificial intelligence reads the text and makes suggestions for sentence completion or alternative formulations.  The  AI ​​uses the text that has already been written to make these suggestions.

With “Text Predictions” there is now a comparable AI function in all versions of the Microsoft editor in Word and Outlook. According to Microsoft, the idea is for users to write more efficiently and accurately with AI support.


 The  AI ​​additions are displayed in gray in the text and can be integrated into the text using the tab key. ©

 The  AI ​​should also learn its own writing style and correct misspellings or grammatical errors.

It is unclear how “Text Predictions” differs exactly from the “Rewrite Suggestions” presented in 2019 or whether both technologies merge in the new function.

According to Microsoft, Rewrite Suggestions is based on the Transformer method (explanation), which is also the technical basis for OpenAI’s powerful voice AI GPT-3. Microsoft states that the AI ​​was trained with millions of example sentences.

Microsoft rolls out text prediction for desktop Word

In March Microsoft plans to roll out the AI ​​text predictions for desktop Word. ©

 The  function should be available worldwide, but according to current knowledge only supports English. Mac OS support has not yet been announced.

Microsoft promises that the texts processed by the AI ​​will neither be stored in the cloud nor seen by people – unless you explicitly consent to human control. A process similar to that used by voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant runs here: people check the AI ​​output, identify errors and correct them in the model.

Developers should check out Jacob Jackson’s DeepTabNine, a text completion designed specifically for programming code.

Source: Microsoft, Via: Techradar | Cover picture: Microsoft

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Microsoft Word Text Prediction Coming March


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