Migrants hid under poisonous ash and broken glass


Migrants have tried to get to Europe from the Spanish North Africa exclave Melilla, hidden under the broken glass and in a sack of poisonous ash. Four people were found, some with numerous cuts, on trucks loaded with waste glass that were to be transported to Spain by ferry, the news agency reported Europa Press on Monday.

One man was even hiding in a large plastic sack of poisonous ash from an incinerator, as shown on video images.  The  police officer, who at first only saw a lifeless leg sticking out of the sack, initially thought the man was dead until he suddenly coughed and freed himself from the sack completely covered with gray ash, the news agency wrote.

A total of 41 migrants were discovered in the area of ​​the port on Friday, the number has risen to 1781 since the beginning of the year, wrote Europa Press. © www.de24.news

 The  people, who have come to Melilla mostly from African countries, risk their lives if they try to jump on slow moving trucks and get to mainland Spain lying on top of the vehicles or hanging on the underside.

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Migrants hid poisonous ash broken glass


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