Milan derby: even Zlatan applauds – sport

Milan derby: even Zlatan applauds - sport

A bon mot by the writer Tomasi de Lampedusa says that everything changes in Italy just so that everything stays the same. That sounds cryptic, but it does not lack a certain logic, in politics as well as in Football. Basically it’s almost the same south of the Alps, politics and football: a sometimes crazy, cynical drama in which at most the protagonists change, but never the dramaturgy.

 The  time-honored proceeded accordingly Derby of the Madonnina, named after the statue of the Madonna high up on the Milan Cathedral. Inter triumphed 3-0 over city rivals Milan on Sunday, but such a city championship is also held on other levels: Hours before kick-off, the supporters of both clubs were in armies in front of San Siro, with flags, pyro and force in the Throats – collective ecstasy in front of locked doors, including drooling, that too is a completely normal derby in Italy at these times.

Milan had officially enjoyed home rights, but in front of 80,000 empty seats there was no question of a home advantage. © The  ambience was too dreary, the dominance of the opponent too powerful. “Overpowering Inter” was the headline Gazzetta dello Sport, under the black and blue letters a picture of “Lu La” in sniper pose.

“Lu La” is the acronym for the attackers Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, the most prominent soloists in Inter’s oiled ball winning machine. ©

 The re has been a crash between the two of them, they can’t always channel their ambition and some vanity. Thoroughbred strikers, hotheads. Actually, they get along really well, in the derby there was the next proof of this symbiotic football relationship. After just five minutes, the tall Lukaku crossed exactly to Martinez, who headed to make it 1-0.

Inter, where the defensive tactics of catenaccio was once cultivated, subsequently left the ball to their rivals and decided to defend and counter-attack. A style of play that may seem simple at first glance, but is a total work of art in this meticulous performance. All lines are meticulously coordinated, on good days the team of coach Antonio Conte is a perfectly orchestrated collective. And if the opponent does find a gap in the cover, then Samir Handanovic has to be defeated, probably the best goalkeeper in Serie A for years. ©

 The  Tifosi call him “Batmanovic” because he rushes to the rescue like a dark knight when there is imminent danger.

Shortly after the half-time break, the Slovenian thwarted the equalizer with three feats, even Milan’s star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic raised his eyebrows in appreciation. After Martinez’s second goal, it was Ibra’s personal rival Lukaku, of all people, who plowed like a roller through the Milan defensive and heaved the ball into the net to make it 3-0 – a hit like a special greeting to the Swedes, with the Lukaku previously played together at Manchester United.

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Milan derby Zlatan applauds sport


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