Miley Cyrus: With tears in her eyes, she shows her new dog on Instagram


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With tears in her eyes: Miley Cyrus shows her new dog and moves her fans with it

Miley Cyrus writes on Instagram that she is head over heels in love with her new protégé
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She is visibly touched: Miley Cyrus welcomes her new dog into her family on Instagram and moves her followers with heartwarming pictures and a love message.

Miley Cyrus is lying on the couch with her three dogs. She looks happily at the new family member. In her eyes you can see the love and affection that she shows for the dog Angel. Almost two months after her pit bull mix Mary Jane succumbed to cancer, the singer introduced the new member of her family on Instagram: Angel. © The  bitch is also a pit bull mix that she brought from an animal shelter. ©

 The  words she finds and the images she shares are touching and touch the heart.

“I’m head over heels in love”


 The  28-year-old describes the death of her dog Mary Jane touchingly: “Almost two months ago my best friend, a rescued pit mix Mary Jane, left this world.” However, she knew that the bitch had not left her forever. “She survived the body in which she was stuck, but she did not say goodbye,” writes the singer under her post on Instagram, “She whispered ‘see you soon, beast’ with her eyes.” Now Miley feels that the dog is with her while she welcomes the new family member Angel.

Miley Cyrus also finds touching words for her new dog: “It breaks my heart to know that Angel had to sleep on concrete for three months in an animal shelter before she could finally go home.” Her declaration of love leaves no doubt how much she likes Angel: “I’m madly in love with her. I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep again – I can’t take my eyes off!”

Many tears of joy

Not only Miley is happy about the addition to the family. Her half-sister Brandi Cyrus commented below the post that she couldn’t wait to get to know Angel. Many other friends and fans also express their joy in the comments. Even animal welfare organizations enthusiastically thank the singer for rescuing a dog from the shelter.

In her multi-part post, Miley Cyrus also shows her sentimental side in the pictures: On some photos you can see how she has tears in her eyes. But she doesn’t cry out of grief over her deceased dog. In the last line of her text she makes it clear: “All the tears that can be seen in this post are tears of joy.” With these words and pictures she was probably not the only one with wet eyes.

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Miley Cyrus tears eyes shows dog Instagram


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